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June 18, 2020

Rickie Fowler

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. Can you talk about kind of the comparison to last week. I know you hung out on the range Saturday and Sunday at Colonial and worked on your game. Does almost staying in that competitive bubble help you going forward after missing a cut like that?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, it does. Obviously, you never want to miss weekends, but being out there, staying in a house with Duff and J.T., it motivates you because you kind of kick yourself in the butt for not playing well enough to at least get a Saturday tee time and see what you can do on the week.

There's a lot of times where you made the cut on the number or by one even, you go play well on Saturday, and you can sneak your way back into a potential chance at being in contention on Sunday, at least for a good finish.

Q. This golf course compared to what it normally plays like in April, obviously a little bit different. Is it harder or easier in your opinion?
RICKIE FOWLER: You know, I'm not sure because I haven't played here since 2012. I definitely enjoyed it, the way it is right now with the Bermuda. From what I remember to now, the fairway's a little more spongy and a bit more grass there compared to when it's overseeded. And on the greens, you're having to factor in grain. So some putts tend to break a little bit more when you add the grain in there on the slope.

All in all, I mean, the course is in great shape. It's been more of a mental battle for me, obviously, with working on stuff and the swing, but a lot of good stuff.

It would have been nice to not have the little hiccups on my 11th and 12th hole, 2 and 3, but other than that, happy with how we finished and always nice to finish 4 under to start the week.

Q. What have you been working on? I'm guessing over the quarantine you worked on some stuff.
RICKIE FOWLER: I took the first month off during quarantine. Hung at the house, worked out, went to the grocery store once a week, and cooked every meal at home. There wasn't a whole lot of work done there, other than I do do a bit of a work in the gym golf related after I lift.

Swing-wise, I mean, overall is getting the lower body to move better and at the right time, and then working on the face, staying a bit more basically square to the plane, which is, if anything, I've gone in the past to where I'd be a little open and then I start to get laid off at the top. My tendency is to pull the club back out in front of me. So if I were to just turn from there, it would be stuck behind me and can't play from there.

So there's a lot of stuff, made a lot of good swings today, a couple bad ones. Yeah, ultimately, keeping the face square, keeping it out in front of me, and be able to turn.

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