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June 18, 2020

Ernie Els

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. Ernie, it's been a while since you've had a chance to play golf. Did you see this coming?
ERNIE ELS: I've been playing a lot at home, but under tournament conditions, you know, not quite. I've shot some good numbers. The last time I played, I played quite well on the Champions Tour, so I need to keep thinking about that.

But it was really nice to shoot something under 70. Really, really nice.

Q. I think this is your 21st start here. How much of this is institutional knowledge and just knowing where to go around here?
ERNIE ELS: I think most of my golf nowadays, I go on previous history. I've had some good ones in the past, but I also haven't played very well also. It's one of those courses where, if your ball striking is on, on a calm, quiet day like today, you're going to have a lot of chances, and you can see that on the leaderboard.

But the golf court hasn't changed much. My first time here was in 1994, and I probably missed five or six. So I've played a lot of golf here, and I know the course quite well.

Q. I know this is going to be strange, but today's the anniversary of Pebble Beach with Tiger in 2000.
ERNIE ELS: Okay, 20 years.

Q. I remember I was talking to you about this last year. Do you ever think back on that day or that week and what you accomplished?
ERNIE ELS: You know, I don't look back at it as much as Tiger probably because he won there in record fashion. But when you guys show it on Golf Channel or stuff like that, I'll watch, and I think back of that day because it was a really record setting day, obviously. It was really the coming out party of Tiger really showing how he's going to dominate the game in that era.

Thinking back now, the golf I watched that day was still some of the best I've ever seen. That was a final round. The ball striking from Tiger that day was just phenomenal -- left to right drives, shaping his iron shots, putting the way he did -- a special day.

Q. You won your last start on the PGA TOUR Champions before the shutdown. How did that energize you, and now going forward, how are you planning on splitting your schedule?
ERNIE ELS: I'm not going to play much on the regular tour. I'll play most of my golf on the Champions. I really like it out there. I think I've done what I could out here on the regular TOUR. I will play every now and again if I get in the field on past champions or something like that. I'll play some select events, but mostly on the Champions Tour.

Yeah, I haven't won a tournament before I did at the Newport tournament for seven years. So it was really a nice thrill for me to win a tournament again and definitely gave me a bit of momentum.

Q. How did you spend the break, and were there any areas of emphasis for your game that you worked on?
ERNIE ELS: Well, we were down in Florida for most of the time. My daughter came back from California also in March. So she had to do some studying until like last Friday. It was nice to have her near us in Florida with the family, Liezl. I got my office down there. So we did a lot of work, and I played a lot of golf. So it was all good.

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