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June 18, 2020

Davis Love

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. Davis, you were one of the longest, if not the longest, back in your prime. What did you see out there today with Bryson? How was it out there playing with him?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, now I know how I made some guys feel, I guess. He got me really good at 16. That's when I realized holy moly, because I hit a good drive at 16 and he just flew it over into the corner.

I'm still at my number I was back in '86. You know, I hit it 285. That's no good anymore. I progressed, and then I regressed.

What's impressive is how straight it's going. He not only got longer, but he got straighter, and it looks like it's under control, and it actually looks like it could go farther if he didn't try to make sure it went straight. And I see that in my son as well. I know he could hit it farther if he tweaked his driver, but he wouldn't hit it as straight.

That's what is impressive, with the TrackMan, with the training, with putting a lot of thought into it, you can figure out a way with your body and your swing to pick up some distance and still hit it straight. Technology and good thinking is helping these guys get longer and straighter.

Q. How was your day out there, first time in a long time? How did that feel?
DAVIS LOVE III: Rusty mentally. Physically, I'm ready to play golf. I've been hitting it really well and playing well at home, but just mentally I had a few blank outs out there, just some really, really terrible shots that I haven't hit in a long, long time.

But, you know, give me four or five Mulligans, and I'd have played really well. So I'm close. I just need to play some.

Q. I guess you probably grew up in a time where doing what he's done to his body was you don't do that, you don't lift weights, that's bad for you. Can you explain what he's done to take the leap and build himself up like that.
DAVIS LOVE III: My dad literally pulled me out of organized basketball because they were lifting weights. There's a lot of reasons I wish he was around, but I would love to see him see this happen. You know, it's Tiger Woods. It's Greg Norman. When I was in the gym, Greg Norman was the guy that pushed us. He was the most fit, the strongest, running the hardest on the machines.

But now guys have realized that you have to do that. You have to be fit and in shape. You might not have to be as big as Bryson -- remember when Nick Faldo did it. It's amazing. There's only been a couple guys that have gotten really big and didn't get better of the top players. I just think that's the future.

They're going to roll something back, but they're not rolling him back. His body is just getting better and better.

Q. And athleticism is more a part of the game now than ever. He's exhibit A right now, it seems like. Tiger was before.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, look what just Randy Myers has done for golfers. He's taken kids from 8 years old and put them out onto the TOUR. It was unheard of when I was in high school to have a trainer for a kid playing golf. You got bob Rotella, Morris Pickens, Randy Myers -- they're training kids, before they even get to high school, to be pro golfers. You end up with Bryson and Brooks and guys like that that are unbelievably fit, great swings, and have the brains to play.

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