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June 14, 2020

Chase Elliott

Homestead, Florida

THE MODERATOR: We've now been joined by our second‑place finisher this evening at Homestead‑Miami Speedway. We will start with questions for Chase Elliott.

Q. During the red flag, second one, after you had about 30 laps, in a race where you don't have practice, is there any additional debriefing that goes on? More that you would talk about compared to a race where you would have practice?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Not really. I mean, I feel like at that point you kind of have what you have. You might talk through some changes here or there if you feel like you're way off, want to make a big swing at it.
We just basically ran back over the things I already said on the radio. That pretty much confirmed the changes we wanted to make and we went from there.

Q. Did you get many suggestions from the truck race or nothing applicable?
CHASE ELLIOTT: We really struggled last night. It was really hard to apply, to be honest with you, for me personally.

Q. Obviously your fans are upset about the Logano move when you're trying to lap him there. In the driver code of ethics, is that considered fair game? How did you view what he did there?
CHASE ELLIOTT: I just need to get through lap traffic better.

Q. What was it like the way this race started and stopped? How do you stay in the game?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Just really odd. I've never experienced anything like that.
But, yeah, it was all good, normal. Just hated we started and stopped for everybody watching.
THE MODERATOR: Chase, thank you. We appreciate your time.

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