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June 14, 2020

Jim Furyk

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. If we can just get you to comment on how you think the first week went as a whole for the TOUR, and other than not having fans here, sort of the biggest difference that you noticed.
JIM FURYK: The golf course is obviously different because of June, so the golf course was green, Bermuda has popped. In this sort of heat with bent greens, the greens are quite soft, maybe not quite as quick as we'd usually see, so I think that's why you're seeing kind of a barrage of scoring out there and real low scores. I think that happens, as well, late May at times, but depending on the weather, this place in the old days was a lot more brown, and we didn't see a lot of wind this week, either. So today a little bit more wind, a little more breezy. I don't think the scores will be quite as low today, but the scoring is more affected by the golf course, and it was soft out there and kind of ripe for shooting some low scores.

As far as not having fans, obviously it's different. I think just the way we move around the golf course, move around people, trying to social distance a little bit with my caddie, it took us a little time maybe to get used to it. I think we were struggling on Tuesday on what to do, and Wednesday we got a little better, and I think it was a little more comfortable by Thursday. It's just a different process and a different way of moving around.

Overall, though, I think for the first week, I think we did a pretty good job. I think the TOUR went through a lot of painstaking conversations and a lot of hours spent on everyone's safety, whether that's us, that's the press, that's the volunteers, tournament staff, PGA TOUR staff. I think they did a good job as far as trying to make sure we were as safe as possible. Hopefully we show up next week and we have the same results and zero guys test positive and move forward and have the same week at RBC.

Q. Are you on the charter?
JIM FURYK: I am not. I'm heading home.

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