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October 9, 2005

David Howell


Q. Another successful run in a World Golf Championship event, something about this that you like, nice finish at NEC, good solid performance here.

DAVID HOWELL: Thanks, always a pleasure. I'm pleased with my week's work, obviously a Top 10 in a World Championship event is a good week for me. I'm a bit disappointed, I got myself to 7 under par there. If I had had a strong finish, I could have posted a good total. Disappointed not to have continued with my round, but beggars can't be choosers. I'm happy enough.

Q. What are our leaders going to face when they come to 18? How is it playing?

DAVID HOWELL: As difficult as it has been, really. The long hitters are going to take the challenge on with the trees. If they bail out right they'll be in the traps. Very tight pin short left, so it's not an easy second shot. All in all, pretty difficult. I'm sure a few guys will stumble, but with a good shot on the fairway there's an ability for it to be had by someone.

Q. Nice going there around that front nine.

DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, I played lovely, just one bad swing, really, on 14, ended up in the hazard. That was a bit of a blow. I played 15 quite nicely, 16 well. 16 was a really big putt for me, just missed, hit a good putt, and unfortunately made a stupid 4 on 17, which was a bit of a letdown, but I'm happy enough.

Q. Yesterday was a tough day, as well, but you bounced back from that.

DAVID HOWELL: Yeah, I'm pleased with that. I really struggled yesterday with my swing. I didn't swing it very well. I worked with my coach last night on a couple of things, and I swung it a lot better today, and I'm sure he'll be happy with what I've done. I certainly was.

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