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June 11, 2020

Gary Woodland

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. Gary, strong play today, your first competitive round back in obviously three months. Could you just give us an opening comment on the round?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it was nice to be back. It was nice to see everybody, and I thought it went great. Obviously you've got to be a little cautious now of social distancing and some other things, but to be honest with you, it was nice to be out here. We were excited to get out here, and I'm excited to get going.

The game, I struggled early ball-striking and I really settled in there in the last seven holes and found something and rolled with it and made a couple birdies coming in, which was nice.

Q. Obviously playing in one of those featured groups you'd normally have a big crowd around you. How did you adjust to no fans, and how did that kind of change the atmosphere today?
GARY WOODLAND: I told my caddie early on, I didn't feel like I was hitting it as far because my adrenaline wasn't up. It's a big deal. Especially when you play with Phil and you get some of those big groups, you get so much adrenaline, the golf ball seems like it goes miles. It felt like kind of a practice round out there, same kind of energy. But it was kind of peaceful, kind of going back to college days and you kind of roll with it and stay within yourself a little bit more, and you really don't get distracted. There's not much going on around you, so it was nice to kind of stay within yourself.

Q. You look a lot slimmer. You mentioned you've lost around 25 pounds. What went into that decision-making process, and how did you go about losing the weight?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, we don't get a big off-season. We usually only have a couple weeks off, and at the end of the season I want to go on vacation and want to do something fun. For me obviously we couldn't go anywhere, couldn't do anything, so I stayed home, I trained hard, changed the diet a little bit, and I lost a lot of weight. But we'll have a big stretch coming up, a lot of big golf tournaments. I'm playing 10 of the next 13 weeks, and obviously got majors, hopefully Ryder Cup, a lot of stuff coming up at the end of the year. I wanted to get my body in a position where I could play a lot more and play a lot better.

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