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April 17, 2020

Megan Walker

New York, New York

Q. You'll be teaming up with Kia Nurse and Kiah Stokes, both UConn legends, as well. What's that going to be like and how excited are you to join this New York offense?
MEGAN WALKER: I'm excited. You know, like you mentioned, playing with Kia Nurse, I played with her before, and I'm excited to play with other Huskies, and as well as Sabrina, working out with her this summer. I'm just excited for the whole experience in New York.

Q. And just to follow up on that, how can your skill set complement what Sabrina brings to the table?
MEGAN WALKER: Well, you know, she likes to pass. That's not a secret. And I like to score, so I mean, I think we'll have a great chemistry on the court, and it'll work out just fine.

Q. Just kind of curious how your discussions with New York went before tonight, if you had an inkling that they were looking at you pretty seriously and kind of what kind of a sense you got for what it would be like once you get up there?
MEGAN WALKER: So I talked to New York quite a bit throughout the whole process, you know, as soon as I announced they were one of the first -- well, they were the second team to contact me. We really had a great conversation. And then we bonded over the phone. It was kind of like a family type of thing, type of conversation. We both knew what I brought to the Liberty and they thought I would fit right in, so they said they were going to do their best to make some moves and see what they could do in the draft to get me, and just so happy it worked out.

Q. I was just wondering, what are you the most excited about when you play in New York? What excites you the most about the city?
MEGAN WALKER: Well, they moved to Brooklyn, so definitely playing in the Barclays [Center]. Just around all those great players such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, just playing in that environment, really in the Barclays. It's just an amazing place for a lot of opportunities.

Q. Your shooting range kept getting better at UConn, so do you think that it has to create a better fit with the Liberty frontcourt and in particular with Sabrina Ionescu?
MEGAN WALKER: I think it'll improve. You know, now playing at the next level with elite players, I think it's easier to play on the court when everyone is great. Everyone is playing at that high level.

Q. When I first saw you play in high school, I thought your game was perfectly suited to the pros. How excited are you to finally get to the WNBA and get to open things up a little bit and show the full range of your skill set?
MEGAN WALKER: I'm so excited. I can't even put it into words. But I'll be able to show how well I can score from all three levels, and I feel like that's where I'm most valuable at to most any team in the WNBA.

Q. What was kind of the deciding factor for you to declare early?
MEGAN WALKER: This feeling right here of achieving my dream. I'm so ecstatic, excited to be in this position I am now. I always wanted to be in the WNBA as a kid, so now I'm finally fulfilling my dream, and I'm starting to feel the perks of it.

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