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April 17, 2020

Mikiah Herbert Harrigan

New York, New York

Q. What did you learn from Coach [Dawn] Staley that helped you become a professional player?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I learned a lot from her, whether it was on the court or off the court. She helped me with my maturity growing up. She taught me about the game. I just really appreciate what she did for me.

Q. What things do you feel you need to get better at?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Just all around improve. Keep improving on my game. Working on different things. Ball handling.

Q. What makes you most excited to come to the Lynx and do you think you can contribute early?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I'm really excited about it. Definitely, I think I can contribute early. Just continue working on my game and just doing whatever to help my team win.

Q. What was it like hearing your name called and just being picked sixth overall, and then what was it like hearing Ty [Harris] called right after you?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Oh, it means a lot. I've dreamed about it since I was a little kid, so it really means a lot. It was great seeing Ty get called after me. We worked really hard, especially through my freshman year. This has been a dream for us as children growing up. To be able to accomplish that, it's a great feeling.

Q. What are your thoughts on joining the Lynx and being able to play under Cheryl Reeve?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I'm really excited about it. Very excited to play under her. Just looking forward to the season and being able to go out there and perform.

Q. Are the Lynx a team you've watched or followed at all as they've won their championships the last several years?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Yes. I actually know somebody on their team that I'm pretty cool with.

Q. Who's the player who you're close with on the team?

Q. Your three-point volume has increased these last couple years. How much has that been a focal point for you as you've tried to develop your game?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I worked on that in the offseason. It was just good to see my shot falling during the season. I worked on it in the offseason, so it was great to see my shot falling.

Q. I wanted to ask you about your defensive intensity and actually kind of about your intensity in general. I know that one of your nicknames is "Mad Kiki," and a lot of people think when you kind of get a little angry that your game takes off to another level. Can you talk about that nickname a little bit?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: It just pretty much comes from my competitive spirit. I'm just aggressive on the court. That's kind of where the name came from, just taking pride in my defense. That's really where the name came from.

Q. Do you think more so that your defense is what has you ready to play most right away?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Yes, definitely. I do feel like I have the skill set offensively to play right away.

Q. Coach Staley was telling us last week about how all season long she's been trying to change the narrative nationally around South Carolina. You and Ty both really weren't first-round picks before the season started. Your work got you here. Do you feel like a night like tonight with you two going back-to-back can help shift that narrative going forward?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Definitely. Me and Ty worked really hard to make this moment possible. It's just great. It's a great feeling.

Q. Did you see yourself going this high? I know that your name has been shooting up draft boards lately, but did you think that you would be a top-10 pick going into today?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I wasn't expecting my name to get called that early, but it did and I'm happy for that.

Q. You were talking about the progress and whatever Dawn has done for you. When you look back over the past year, how much do you feel like you've grown?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I feel like I've grown a lot on and off the court. A big thing was my maturity on the court, so that really helped me improve and helped me to bring my game to the next level.

Q. We've seen you grow over the last couple years, especially once A'ja [Wilson] graduated. How do you think that improved your game just from a mindset standpoint?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: I knew when she left I kind of had some big shoes to fill. Me and Ty knew this year that we'd have a young group and we had to lead them. I just tried to do what A'ja and Allisha [Gray] did for me and Ty coming in.

Q. What kind of conversations have you had or did you have before the draft with Cheryl Reeve? You obviously impressed her. What was the nature of some of the conversations you had with her and the Lynx organization?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: It was just pretty much them getting to know me as a person. That's pretty much what the call looked like.

Q. Anything they said to you that left an impression on you that has you excited to be there?
MIKIAH HERBERT HARRIGAN: Yes, I'm definitely excited about it.

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