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March 13, 2020

Rory McIlroy

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. It's a little disappointing, isn't it?
RORY MCILROY: It's the right decision. I mean, of course it's the right decision. I stood up there yesterday after playing and was, like, doing what they did was a step in the right direction. But they were saying they were taking it hour by hour and seeing how it would all play out, and yeah, here we are.

Q. What's going through your brain right now? Are you looking ahead to the next three weeks? Are you day by day?
RORY MCILROY: I mean, it's three weeks off. I've got no golf to play coming up. I was supposed to have my coach, Michael Bannon, fly out next week and we were going to spend some time together, and that's probably not going to happen, him coming from Ireland. Probably have time just to spend some time at home, evaluate the situation, and see where we go.

Q. Do you imagine some of you guys will get together?
RORY MCILROY: Probably not. No, I don't think so. I think this is one of these things where we just have to wait and see. Like, I don't know, because it's so uncertain, you're obviously going to still keep playing golf, but you're going out there practicing not knowing what you're practicing for. I don't know.

Q. When would you feel comfortable returning?
RORY MCILROY: Whenever the powers that be say it's safe to do so. I don't think -- I mean, all you can do is, again, follow the guidelines from CDC and from the people that really know about this thing, and that's when I'd be comfortable is when they say it's okay to do so.

Q. If they played the Masters even without fans, and I know it's all speculating, how weird would that be for 80-odd people to show up not having played tournament golf for a month?
RORY MCILROY: Yeah, that would be so strange. I mean, even driving in here today, it's sort of eerie, right? There's no one around. It would feel sort of similar, but hopefully it doesn't come to that. But that is -- if tournament golf is going to go on, that's the next tournament that it will happen, which is pretty crazy to think that that could be the -- it could be, it couldn't be. I don't know what's going to happen.

Q. You could go to the Masters knowing you've made three straight birdies.
RORY MCILROY: I was thinking that this morning. At least I birdied the last three holes. Makes me feel a little bit better. But yeah, I don't know.

Q. You probably feel Jay Monahan's anguish --
RORY MCILROY: I mean, Jay didn't sleep the night before last, up trying to make this decision and trying to make the call, trying to do what's right for the tournament, trying to do what's right for the TOUR, the players, the spectators, sponsors, media, everyone. It's been -- I drove past his house this morning on the way from the hotel here and just looked, and I was like, geez, it's been a stressful week for him, you know.

Q. Do you feel better now them making this decision than regretting not making a decision?
RORY MCILROY: Oh, a hundred percent. If in a few weeks' time this dies down and everything is okay, it's still the right decision.

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