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March 13, 2020

Webb Simpson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. What do you think changed when you guys heard the news last night?
WEBB SIMPSON: I was actually wondering the same thing, but I was just watching the press conference, and he said when the parks closed, I guess the Disney parks closed, that kind of pushed them to make the final decision, that there's a lot of people near the parks, and I think just hearing from other people and their opinions that it was time.

Q. Is there any part of how these decisions rolled out over the last 24, 36 hours that surprised you?
WEBB SIMPSON: Not really. I think you keep hearing that word that it's a fluid situation, that things are changing at a fast pace, and you know, when I showed up here on Monday, it wasn't even a thought. I knew there was, I think, a couple confirmed cases I had heard in Tampa, but the way this thing has progressed, you wake up one day and you might hear something completely different.

We were hopeful to play, but I was expecting yesterday -- you wake up and you hear that stuff is changing fast, and it was hard actually to go out and play golf and focus on what we normally do, which is just golf. So when we're out there, I'm thinking, my wife and son are supposed to fly down, are they still going to come, is the tournament going to happen. And then we're on the 4th hole yesterday, and one of the camera guys, I go talk to him when another player is hitting, and he says, They just made the decision that no fans are coming out. So that's all happening when we're playing, which is abnormal.

Q. You don't know the next time that you could be playing golf. What's your mindset as you go forward the next few weeks?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, knowing we're not playing until the Masters, best case, which it seems like we're going to hear soon about that, I'm going to stay sharp. I'm going to try to be ready for mentally playing the Masters, and as soon as we hear that next tournament, the next tournament, you can kind of game plan your work. But the weather is finally getting good in Charlotte, so I want to be ready when the TOUR says we can play again.

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