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March 13, 2020

Gary Woodland

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

GARY WOODLAND: This is obviously a very serious deal, and I think it's only going to get worse right now, so it's best for us not to be playing golf.

Q. Jay said in his press conference that this decision was influenced by the players, as well. Were you one of the players that went to him and said, look, it's not right for us to carry on?
GARY WOODLAND: I didn't talk to Jay. I was hoping he made the decision. If I would have been asked, I would have told him I didn't think we should be playing. Jay knows. Jay gets it. He's obviously our leader, and he made the right choice.

Q. Obviously there's bigger fish to fry and you probably haven't even thought about it, but four weeks until the Masters. Would you rather see that postponed until later in the year and play in front of fans rather than go into that event cold, playing at an empty Augusta National?
GARY WOODLAND: I think the main deal right now is for everybody to be safe. Like I said, the Masters, it obviously is a huge tournament, but so is THE PLAYERS and so it Valspar, Match Play. There's a lot going on. Right now it's everybody stay safe. I think this gets a little worse before it gets better, so hopefully once this starts to get better, we can make decisions and we can get back to golf then.

Q. Sort of surreal for everybody, but was it inevitable?
GARY WOODLAND: It was. We had to do it. You know, it would have looked horrible if we showed up and played today with every other sports league not playing. It probably would have been insensitive, so I'm glad Jay made the decision that he did. It's best for us. It's best for the fans and our families. And you know, hopefully the world comes together and we get over this. This is a very serious deal. It's only going to get worse right now, so it's best for us not to be playing golf.

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