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March 13, 2020

Ryan Palmer

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about when you found out and your thoughts on everything that's gone on.
RYAN PALMER: I was in bed. Getting up early to get Jen and kids in the car. They were taking an early flight. And about 10:00 the text came in about the cancellation. And I was expecting to get up the next morning and find out. I mean, I think everybody saw it coming. The LPGA postponing and cancelling and the other sports announcing. I think they're doing the right thing, obviously. Although we're outdoors, it just doesn't look very good for us to be out there playing for money when nobody else is.

Q. Is it kind of surreal how all this has kind of come to the United States and all the sports and what's going on in the world?
RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it is. We were on the golf course yesterday and just trying to figure out what's being hidden and what's really going on because everybody is kind of -- question marks. Nobody knows. That's the problem. But it's scary. I'm sure I'm going to get home this afternoon and find out my kids' school is canceled next week. There's schools around our area that are canceled next week. I know my wife sent her mother out to get stuff for the house, and it's already almost empty in all the stores around the house.

You know, I'll get home, have a mini off-season now, it looks like, so we'll make the best of it.

Q. Is it kind of weird not knowing when you're going to play next?
RYAN PALMER: It is. I believe it'll be in the next three, four weeks. I think if the Masters isn't the first one coming up after this, it'll be the week after possibly. I think things will start turning around here soon. They say if Tom Hanks can get over it, everybody else is going to feel more comfortable, so let's hope he does. So we'll just kind of have to wait and see.

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