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March 13, 2020

Matt Kuchar

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. So much has happened overnight into Friday morning, the cancellation of THE PLAYERS and now the news that the Masters tournament is postponed. How do you react to what has unveiled itself to us here over the past day or two?
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, crazy the domino effect that's gone on. I was under the understanding that the TOUR, Commissioner Monahan, had talked to President Trump, to all the health officials, that we were kind of doing everything right, and I guess I probably just don't know enough about what this disease really is. To me it sounds like it's just a worse case of the flu. But clearly it's just way more severe than my understanding of the disease, with what's gone on with the NCAA basketball tournament, cancelling THE PLAYERS, cancelling golf now through the Masters. It must be far more severe than my knowledge of what this disease really is.

Q. How do you process as a golfer, as a father, as a husband that things are changing so quickly?
MATT KUCHAR: It's a different world. I'm hugely disappointed. I love being out here playing. A chance to play at THE PLAYERS Championship is such a -- I look forward to coming here every year. I get this huge level of excitement.

And then the Masters just around the corner. Who's not jacked up to go to the Masters? These are things that are huge bummers. For me as a sports fan, not being able to watch the NCAA tournament, that's something my kids and I so look forward to. It's a different world. It's unprecedented.

I was thinking about -- talking to a friend last night, we had just played the Seminole member-pro together, and he said up on the board at the Seminole locker room, there's a list of all the tournaments, all the champions, and the last time there hasn't been an event was World War II, and now all of a sudden we're going to have events -- it's hard to think this is on that scale, but the last time a lot of events were canceled were due to World War II. This coronavirus has just changed our world.

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