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March 12, 2020

Si Woo Kim

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. So you closed the day with three birdies in the last five holes. Tell me about coming back here and playing this year. Obviously a fantastic first round.
SI WOO KIM: The first round, it's different than the last three years because the last three years was firm and the greens were firm, too, but today is like -- fairways were soft and greens were soft and a little different, but I'm playing well. I think it was really good today.

Q. Do you have those positive images already in your head because you know you've experienced the ultimate success at this tournament back in 2017?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, after the win here, always came here, always have a really good memory. I was on the course, really feeling comfortable ever all day like this.

Q. How did you celebrate after your win?
SI WOO KIM: Nothing much because I missed the flight. My flight is Sunday, but I missed the flight. Just had dinner and went to bed, so very quiet.

Q. Here in Jax Beach?

Q. What did you eat, steak?
SI WOO KIM: Like steak and chicken, beer, everything.

Q. Did your dad teach you how to play golf?

Q. What's his name?
SI WOO KIM: Doo, Doo Kim.

Q. Just kind of talk to me about your day. What was working so well for you out there?
SI WOO KIM: Really happy round. First day 7-under, and trying to -- scoring good, like No. 7 -- I'm starting on 10, so birdie and eagle at 11 and 12 and really focused on that hole. 11, the second shot was sort of lucky, to make there. Good start, so that made me comfortable feeling.

Q. Does this give you a lot of confidence coming here knowing the past success you've had?

Q. When you're out there do you kind of draw back on the year you won here and what worked for you so well several years ago?
SI WOO KIM: After the win, I come back here in 2018, like really a lot of confidence and really comfortable in this area, so that's why I try to keep win, win, win, but the last two years, too much pressure. That's why it's not that good finish. This year just focus on my play.

Q. You had some great sand saves the last two holes. How did that work for you?
SI WOO KIM: I'm always like comfortable around the green bunkers. That's why I always like -- always good memory around the bunkers, that's why I hit pretty good the last two bunkers.

Q. Was there anything special about your preparation for this tournament?
SI WOO KIM: It's like just this tournament is always special for me, and that's it, and then just hopefully play well.

Q. Was there anything you had to do different beforehand, to get ready?
SI WOO KIM: Like normal stuff, just more focus on playing and practice.

Q. Did you expect to be in contention this quickly, with a 65?
SI WOO KIM: Yes, like yeah, always good memory here, that's why I try to go win every year.

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