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March 12, 2020

Corey Connors

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Good round. Can you talk about 17? If there was a day to almost hole one, you probably picked the day. There's at least fans there to watch it.
COREY CONNORS: Yeah, there was a little bit of excitement around the shot. I heard somebody yell "hole it" when I was teeing my ball. I was like, well, I'm actually going to try this pin, I'm going right at it. I felt like I had a good number, and yeah, hit a sweet shot. I wasn't sure if it was actually far enough when it was in the air. I was praying for a little bit of help, and I wasn't sure how far it was flying, but I saw it land and it was going to be pretty nice.

Q. Any big differences for you compared to your last couple rounds on the PGA TOUR? What was the change for you?
COREY CONNORS: I really kind of had a rocky start but scored the ball really well, and the past few weeks my mistakes turned into bogeys. Had some mistakes on the front nine and ground out some nice pars. Hit a few nicer shots than I've had in the past, too, the last few weeks. Making eagle helps the scorecard a lot. But yeah, up-and-down when I missed the greens, and yeah, I thought I putted pretty well.

Q. How did you feel this morning that the focus wasn't on golf, it was on the coronavirus?
COREY CONNORS: A little bit. We were chatting about it walking down the first few holes and throughout the round. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but just trying to focus on golf. It was really fun to be able to play in front of the fans.

Q. Do you notice any change in the fans in the stands?
COREY CONNORS: Not really. I'd say maybe they were a little bit quieter. I think the fans were feeling kind of awkward, as well, maybe, but people were getting some excitement going later on the back nine.

Q. Were you told that there would be no fans this morning?
COREY CONNORS: Didn't find out until making the turn, basically when the TOUR --

Q. What was the first thoughts about not having any fans the next couple days?
COREY CONNORS: It's really disappointing for us. We're trying to put on a show for the fans. I feel for the people who have kind of planned a trip to be down here, hoping to watch some golf. It's unfortunate, but it obviously was a very tough decision for the TOUR to make, and they consulted the right people and ultimately had to make that decision. It's disappointing for the people, but it's nice that we're still given the opportunity to play, and I'm excited to keep playing well the rest of the weekend.

Q. When is the last time you played without many fans?
COREY CONNORS: Off the record, most of the rounds on the Mackenzie TOUR. (Laughter).

Really, I haven't played a professional round where there have been no spectators allowed. It'll be kind of unique. I remember watching one of the tournaments, I think a Torrey a few years ago, that they didn't allow spectators to come out.

Q. Do you think this place might be the weirdest place not to have fans because it's the ultimate stadium course?
COREY CONNORS: Yeah, I always just try to be in my own little bubble out there walking down the fairway and just focusing on the golf hole. It'll definitely be different, but yeah, try and make (indiscernible).

Q. Do you feel like this course in March allows you to take more advantage of your accuracy off the tee because it might not roll through as easily?
COREY CONNORS: Yeah, definitely. Some of the holes you really have to shape the ball a certain way to hold the fairways because it was much firmer, so if you're not getting a lot of roll, you feel like definitely the accuracy of hitting fairways is a little bit easier, but then the course plays a little bit longer. I don't really mind when it's firm because I'm comfortable kind of fitting it into the fairway. It makes the course play shorter, but still trying to have the same plan.

Q. Just talk us through the eagle.
COREY CONNORS: Yeah, I hit a pretty good shot. The wind had kind of switched around at that point. It was a little bit of hurt on the tee, but for the approach shot, the wind kind of died down, it was starting to come off the right side, then was coming off the left. Really nice 3-wood. Didn't try to smoke it but hit a pretty full one, had a solid 275 to the hole. Hit it solid, landed kind of front middle of the green, chased back there and just lasered left of the flag really, and when it was in the air, I said to my caddie, this has got to be really nice, and I really liked the look of it. Always better to convert that putt, as well, after a sweet shot, so that was good. I kind of walked it in, never thinking it was missing, so that was good.

Q. As far as playing golf without fans this weekend, how strange is that going to be?
COREY CONNORS: Not really. Typically in my rounds there's not a ton of people following most of the holes. You always get to a few holes, for example, here on the last three where there's some hospitality and grandstands and stuff. It'll be definitely a little bit unusual, but I think we'll just try to have fun with it and make the most out of it.

Q. Personally are you concerned about the virus?
COREY CONNORS: You know, it's starting to get pretty serious it seems. Big organizations are having to take some drastic measures. I think the TOUR is on top of things doing a good job. I obviously don't want to contract the virus, but I'm trying to make sure I keep washing my hands.

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