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March 12, 2020

Webb Simpson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Past champ here at THE PLAYERS, 4-under, good start for you. How did this one unfold for you on a Thursday?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was good. It was really solid. No real hiccups. One three-putt early on, tough putt on 13, but other than that, it was really solid.

Q. Moving forward with what was announced by Commissioner Monahan when you guys were out there, what's the initial reaction to you guys will continue to play but no fans for the next month?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, I think it's the right decision. I think everybody is taking extreme measures to make sure this thing doesn't spread like it could spread. I know it was a tough decision, and it's unfortunate for the fans and people who have bought tickets, but I do think it's the right call.

Q. Personally will you continue to play over the course of the next month or maybe think twice until things hopefully settle down?
WEBB SIMPSON: I'm going to play. I'm only playing right now the Match Play and then Augusta, so I plan on playing both. You know, even if it spreads and it's getting worse, I would assume that I would still play.

Q. We watch TV, we look at social media; from yesterday to today, everything that's going on, how much does that play with your mind just as a human being and a husband and a father?
WEBB SIMPSON: It does. It was hard for me early in the round to settle in and really focus and be all there knowing what could be the impending news of the tournament being canceled or fans coming -- my wife and son are coming tonight. So you're thinking about all of it.

But if they feel good enough about us continuing to play, we're outside, we're an outdoor sport, and I think that really helps. Heck, we're probably better off continuing to play tournaments than not, than being inside, so I think it's a good call.

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