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March 12, 2020

Viktor Hovland

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. What did you hit on 17?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Hit a 50 degree sand wedge or gap wedge.

Q. How did it feel in competition versus practice rounds any different?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Obviously a little bit. Water becomes a little clearer, I guess. But you still are hitting a wedge in there, so if you hit a good shot you should have a decent amount of control on it.

Q. (No Microphone.)
VIKTOR HOVLAND: What's that? Say that again?

Q. (No Microphone.)
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Who is going to avoid us? The Americans? I don't know, I mean, you've been here for a little bit. If you just came straight from Germany I think you're a little more liable to be, yeah, put in the corner, yeah, quarantined. But, yeah, I mean it's been a crazy last 24 hours. Hopefully we can get this thing under control.

Q. What was the best joke one of you said to the other one today or best line?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I can't remember. It wasn't TV-friendly probably, the best one.

Q. Can you take us through the putts on 1 and 11?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, obviously got off to an interesting start on 1. Terrible drive. And I had a shot from the trees there and hit the one branch or branch that I really couldn't hit, got a terrible lie as well, and actually hit a pretty good third shot out of there just to get it to the back of the green. And all I was trying to do was get it close, make a bogey, and I knew that next hole was a par-5 you can make a birdie and get back immediately and, yeah, just a bonus that it went in.

Q. 10th second shot, was that very difficult at all or did you have a pretty straightforward shot to get out of the trees?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: It was somewhat tough because I had a decent gap there, but whenever you're in the pine straw and you got a pretty lofted club it can kind of shoot off in any direction. And it kind of went, started a little more right than I thought it was, but it got through the gap and that's just all I was trying to do. I knew a bogey there wasn't going to kill me.

Q. Have you -- do you like a big stage with lots of people and if the answer is yes have you always been that way or is this something you learned to love? Have you ever been shy?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, I would say I'm naturally a little shy person, but, I mean, it kind of depends. Like I do find I can play good when there's no people and I can play good when there's a lot of people. I think it's more fun if you perform well for a bunch of people, it gives you, you know, a extra kind of a extra wind in your step. I don't know, I don't really know what I prefer because I do really like it low key when there's not a bunch of people around, but sometimes when you get to iconic places like Sawgrass or Augusta or major championships, then it's not the same without the people.

Q. Can you feed off people's energy sometimes?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yes, I would say for sure. Whenever you stick an approach shot really close or make a putt it feels a little better when there's a bunch of people screaming at it. So, yeah, I would say it can help you for sure.

Q. Do you think any benefit to being paired with a couple good friends tomorrow when there won't be anybody around?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I don't know if it's an advantage or a disadvantage. I mean obviously I'm comfortable with all the guys there, their caddies, I know how they do things, I know kind of how I can adapt to that situation and we can have a good time in between the shots, it's not just a grind the whole day. Sometimes it is, depending upon the mood of the group. So I don't know, I mean, we had a great time out there for the first round, so just looking forward to getting off to it tomorrow.

Q. Matt said -- I asked him about giving a personality analysis. He said, Collin is the most mature, he was the least mature, you're in the middle and you're smart, but not as smart as you think you are. Any response to that?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: (Laughing) I mean that's fair enough. He's just kind of bitter about it I bet -- no, I'm just kidding. No, it's just kind of funny, we have kind of, we joke about it a little bit, I try to use kind of really big words that I find sometimes I don't even really know what they mean, I just tell them and --

Q. Example?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Just to see how he reacts, so that's probably where that comes from.

Q. Can you remember a recent word that you might have used?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Well I said, I guess in the practice round I said "euphemism" in a sentence and he was like, what are you talking about? So, yeah, that's just one that pops in my head.

Q. Did you know what that one meant?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah it's like saying one word or like if you're going to explain something you do it in a completely different manner, I guess. I butchered that one completely, but, yeah.

Q. What's one that you didn't really know but you still used in a sentence?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I mean I can't, I don't remember. Yeah. I don't remember.

Q. (No Microphone.)
VIKTOR HOVLAND: What color pink? To me they're just pink, yeah. You're asking a dude here.

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