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March 12, 2020

John Swofford

Greensboro, North Carolina

JOHN SWOFFORD: We're all dealing with a very fluid and unknown end worldwide with the coronavirus. We don't know entirely what that means for the future. We have been in constant deliberations and discussions within the Atlantic Coast Conference, with our presidents and our athletics directors for weeks. We've also been in numerous conversations with appropriate health officials through this, trying to make the right decisions for our teams and our students, you the fans, to do what's right as we move forward.

After a recent discussion of about 15 minutes ago with our presidents and athletics directors again, the league has made a decision to end this year's Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball tournament as of today. It's tough to say those words, for these young men that are on the floor that want to continue to play. It's tough to say those words for you fans that are in the stands, for the media covering this great event, but we believe that it's the right decision to make at this particular point in time.

You can ask, why was it not made sooner. It's a fair question. The answer is that it's an extraordinarily fluid situation with information coming at us that changes -- I used to say by the week, then I said by the day, and now I say by the hour. So hopefully we're doing the right thing in the context of this great country of ours and in the context of intercollegiate sports. Thank you for your understanding.

Therefore, and I appreciate the class of the Clemson Tigers being on the floor right now. When I spoke with Coach Brownell, his immediate reaction was we want to be on the floor. I wouldn't expect anything else because he's a class person and he's part of a class university and a class program.

We usually give two trophies during this basketball season. One goes to the regular season champion, one goes to the tournament champion and they continue to the NCAA. Florida State University has had an absolutely tremendous basketball season to this point. If there is an NCAA Tournament, and we hope there will be, I can't assure you that there will be, the Florida State Seminoles will be the Atlantic Coast Conference team that will represent this great conference in every conceivable positive way because of the leadership of Leonard Hamilton, the ACC Coach of the Year for the third time. We appreciate you guys, the year that you've had, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to represent the Atlantic Coast Conference as our champion going forward.

We've got a trophy here somewhere. I'm not strong enough to hold a microphone and a trophy. The Florida State Seminoles, the Atlantic Coast Conference men's basketball champions 2020.

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