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March 11, 2020

Jerod Haase

Bryce Wills

Oscar da Silva

Las Vegas, Nevada

California - 63, Stanford - 51

JEROD HAASE: This one is certainly a gut check for us. I believe there's 19 teams younger than us in college basketball this year. And I don't know that there's been 19 teams that have been more consistent with their effort, with the consistency of play. And for that I'm really, really proud.

I did not think tonight was indicative of that team. I thought this would be the one game where I didn't think we had the edge we've had throughout the year. The reason for that I'll obviously figure out in time. I'm not sure if the moment was big or there was just the desire of everybody to do it on their own.

I know there was a great, great desire to play great and put our best foot forward, but we did not do that tonight. The physicality was a big piece of it. Our turnovers were down, which means we usually do pretty well. Our turnover shots were up.

As we got to the paint and attacked, which was the game plan, we got in too deep and didn't find others. So the turnover shots were a problem for us.

Certainly not our best effort. Certainly a gut check, extremely disappointed. And I'll let you guys ask questions.

Q. For Oscar and/or Bryce, would you guys agree that this is one of the more passive or nonaggressive efforts you guys have put considering how hard you guys played all season long?
BRYCE WILLS: I think today we just -- the intent was there and the care factor, as Coach said, was there. But I think we laid a little bit of an egg today. And I don't really have an answer for you as to why that happened. I have to like sort of put my thoughts together.

But just looking back on the game, I feel that there is just a lot of lessons that can learned just outside of basketball that can be applied to life. And just our basketball lives are on the line right now. And if we really want something, we have to go get that. And we failed to do that today.

OSCAR DA SILVA: I don't think we came out ready to handle what Cal showed us today. We started slow. Continued slow. Continued slow. Finished slow. A few bright moments, a few sparks that we had, clearly weren't enough for us to get it done. Consistency is something that we've been talking about all year, and today it didn't show.

Q. Jaiden's first start of the year today. Can you talk about the decision process behind that?
JEROD HAASE: Just a coach's decision. That's one of the fun parts about being the head coach is I can make some of those decisions. Jaiden has done a nice job and wanted to insert him into that lineup. I thought he played hard and did some nice things. Just a coach's decision.

Q. You broke every standard in national defense this year. How far away are you guys on the other side of the ball from getting to that place or at least closing the gap between where you guys are as a defensive team?
JEROD HAASE: We're actually not that far. Looking back, I think it's -- with just little bumps and bruising injuries, our practice time has been a little limited over the last few weeks, and I think that's been a little impactful with what's going on.

I think offensively we're not that far away. Tonight I felt like there was a great desire to execute the game plan, which is get to the rim, go attack inside first. But there was also, I think, a great deal of individual confidence and desire to -- and not driven from selfishness, but driven from I can do this for the team. And those were some of the shots that I think didn't produce well.

So to answer your question, to be able to be a lead offensive team, it has to be a team that shares the basketball, that makes plays for others first.

That did not happen tonight. It was not driven by selfishness, but it was a desire to do -- kind of put the team on their shoulders and that was not there.

Our ability to be an elite offensive team is not that far away, even though at times it does look like it.

Q. Coach, Sunday is a long way away from now. I assume you believe you belong in the tournament. Do you think you've built enough of a résumé?
JEROD HAASE: In terms of résumé, everybody can discuss that. When you look at No. 6 defense in the country, you look at the consistency with which we've played, really a big-time schedule, the quad 1 wins, our net ranking will be fantastic.

We'll have a résumé, if you look at a piece of paper, I think we would be in. But on the flip side of that, it's the eye test. If you take tonight out of the equation, I think our eye test looks pretty good. We have a team that competes defensively, for the most part have been elite consistently this year.

Offensively we turned the ball over a little too much, but we have a group that wants to play together. We have involvement, we have player movement. And so I think from the eye test, and from -- I guess I can speak firsthand on that because I've seen this team a lot, I do think that we have the ability to be an NCAA team and do something if we end up getting there.

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