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March 8, 2020

Keith Mitchell

Orlando, Florida

Q. How would you describe the four days now that you're done here at Bay Hill?
KEITH MITCHELL: They were almost impossible. I don't want to say impossible. I played really good today and Thursday. But it's a great golf course. The greens are so fast right now that you really just got to be on the right side of the hole. But they're really in good shape so if you hit a putt that starts on line it's going to go in (No Microphone.)

Q. How much does a week like this take out of you?
KEITH MITCHELL: A lot mentally, more than physically, just because every shot's so demanding and you can't let up on any hole and think, Oh, it's an easy par or easy birdie, every hole's a battle. So I really had to lean on my caddie, Pete, this week and he did a great job of keeping me positive out there.

Q. (No Microphone.)
KEITH MITCHELL: I think this is the toughest test of golf I've played. I've been on TOUR two and a half years and this is definitely the toughest, simply because of the winds, the firmness and fastness of the greens, the rough. The greens are so small there's no pin placement that's easy so it's definitely my toughest test.

Q. What have you learned from a week like this about your game heading into the PLAYERS?
KEITH MITCHELL: Patience. Because everybody's making bogeys, so you can't get mad at yourself for making a bogey because you never know, the guy behind you might make two. So we just tried to stay patient, hit the best shots we could, and at the end of the day just play tidy and that's really hard on a day like today.

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