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March 8, 2020

Joel Dahmen

Orlando, Florida

Q. How would you describe the four days this week here at Bay Hill?
JOEL DAHMEN: Crazy time. I don't know if I've played a tougher four days. The rough is crazy long this week. The greens got really firm and fast. The way the wind's blowing right now it's crazy. So I'm so happy I'm done. I got to watch those leaders struggle a little bit coming in.

Q. What does it do to you mentally and physically?
JOEL DAHMEN: I'm exhausted. Yeah, like we were going over it I'm probably going to celebrate a little bit with a top 5 or whatever this could be, maybe an Open Championship spot, maybe I'm not going to celebrate, but I think maybe just lay on the couch after this one. It's exhausting and I'm happy I'm done.

Q. What do you learn about your game from a week like this heading into the PLAYERS?
JOEL DAHMEN: I can scramble better than I thought I could. My putting stats maybe aren't so great, but today I made a ton of par putts that mattered and that was huge for me. I can play with the big boys and hope to do it a bit more often.

Q. How much do you enjoy a test like this where it's really hard and here you lapped the field?
JOEL DAHMEN: I think it's awesome. I wish there was a few more weeks like this. I don't want every week like this, because it's tough. But, yeah, I certainly enjoy it. I like playing the bounce a little bit more, playing the ground, which is more fun, you can't just fly it and spin it anywhere. So it makes you think a lot more, so I think I'm pretty good at that part of the game, so I certainly enjoy it. I'm going to enjoy watching those guys on TV now.

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