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March 8, 2020

Danny Lee

Orlando, Florida

Q. Are you going to play the golf course before The Open Championship?
DANNY LEE: Yeah, I'll try to go there the week before in advance, I guess, yeah, and put in some rounds.

Q. You've played The Open Championship twice and what was it about that that's different from different Majors?
DANNY LEE: First of all, the tee time. I'll never get used to 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the afternoon tee times and finish at like 9 or 8. I'm never used to that. And just the conditions and firmness of the area. I'm a very aggressive player and it seems like whenever I play the links golf course very aggressive it just bites me back. So this year I'll play a little bit more smart, I guess.

Q. Talk about the challenging week here.
DANNY LEE: Oh, it was. Saturday, Sunday was brutal. The wind and the firmness of the greens seems like when you think it can't get any faster it just got faster and faster. Whenever I had a downhill putt I just couldn't hit it soft enough. And but I still tried really hard to put myself in the position to catch up to the leader. And I really thought if I beat Sungjae today I probably had an idea that I had a pretty good chance to winning this event or come really close to finishing top 3 or something. But it was still a good round.

My goal before I teed off today was try to not finish over par for the round. So I accomplished that goal and it was very challenging this week.

Q. Thoughts on qualifying for The Open Championship?
DANNY LEE: I'm really pretty pumped up and I get another swing at a major and I'm going to just go over there and enjoy it.

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