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March 8, 2020

Marc Leishman

Orlando, Florida

Q. It was a little tough start but you battled. You gave yourself a chance coming down the end. Just not quite enough. But it had to be tough out there today.
MARC LEISHMAN: It was tough again. It wasn't the start I was after today and I fought really hard. Made some -- well, I birdied the par-5s on the back nine and that's what you got to do around here. So, yeah, a little bit disappointed, but it was a strong week. Signs are good for next week. Tyrell played good, did what he needed to do and on a really, really tough golf course. So it was a fun week.

Q. You move both into the top 10 in FedExCup points and the Wyndham rewards, continuing good solid play this season, you're playing awfully well. You've got to feel good about that.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, I think I got a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd, now, so try to add to that win column. It's been a good start to the year. Obviously, the win at Torrey Pines was good and to be in the top 10 this early in year is nice. It's nice not having to play catchup. So hoping I can have a big week next week and get back into the winner's circle.

Q. You weren't giving up. You came back pretty hard.
MARC LEISHMAN: No, I never give up. I said to Matty -- we were walking down 16, I said, Of all the courses on the PGA TOUR, this is the last one you'd pick if you had a two-shot lead your three to go. So Tyrell never gave up. He did what he needed to do there at the end. Great par on 18 particularly. That's a brutal hole, tough pin placement, you have to really hold your shot. So yeah, made it interesting. Would have been nice if that putt would have dropped on 17. I felt pretty good when I hit it. Not to be. But happy with the week. With really tough conditions, I played probably as good as I played for quite awhile. So and it was good to play well under pressure there too at the end. So, yeah, happy with the week and all credit to Tyrell.

Q. What do you lean towards more at the moment, the disappointment or sort of excited that you played so well with such a big window coming up?
MARC LEISHMAN: I think both. Obviously anytime you have a chance to win you want to pull it off and win. You don't get too many chances. So, yes, I'm disappointed, but I'm just happy that I -- I'm happy I played well. It felt like a U.S. Open out there. Fast greens, long rough, narrow fairways, and big crowd, big vocal crowds. So it was a lot of fun. Obviously, I would have liked to have won but that was a fun day, a fun week.

Q. How much do you relish this sort of challenge as opposed to weeks when it's 18- or 20-under par trying to win?
MARC LEISHMAN: I enjoy both, but this, I just love the -- I love when you, if you shoot par it's a good score. But it's also fun shooting real low numbers. So I enjoy all sorts of golf, but this is a really big mental test. And going into the PLAYERS next week in a good place mentally and with the major season coming up as well. Yeah, so good signs. Going to take some positives out of this. Happy to put four pretty good rounds together and try and do the same thing at PLAYERS next week.

Q. (Question about playing Sawgrass.)
MARC LEISHMAN: Not really, to be honest. I think I missed the last few cuts there. I think I'm due for a good week there. That's why I'm going there. But my game's in a good spot. I feel great with the putter. Hoping next week can be my week there. I only had one top 10 there in 10 or 11 events. So it hasn't a happy hunting ground for me, but we'll try and change that.

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