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March 8, 2020

Tyrrell Hatton

Orlando, Florida

Q. You've won before on the European Tour and overseas, but this is your first win on the PGA TOUR and at Arnold Palmer's name attached to the tournament. What does it mean to you?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, it's an incredible feeling to win at such an iconic venue and with obviously Arnie's name to it. Yeah, amazing feeling and it's very surreal to win this week.

Q. The fun thing was you made it look easy. I know it wasn't easy. I'm kidding with that. That was a tough day out there, wasn't it?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, really tough day, obviously didn't get off to the best of starts, kind of struggled a little bit with pace on the greens. I just felt like they were a hair slower than the putting green. I was putting quite nice on there, felt like I had the pace and I just didn't have it out on the course. So, yeah, very tough.

And I actually thought after the double at 11 that I was now behind and I didn't know what the kind of situation was until I got on to 14 green and saw that I actually had a two-shot lead. So just so happy to hang on and get the win.

Q. I'm glad you mentioned it, I wondered about that, are because it looked like you were running a little bit hot there. Especially as the ball came back towards you when you hit it out of the bunker on that slope on 12 there. And not having a scoreboard there, so you said you didn't know you were still in the lead at that point?
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, I didn't know. So I was -- let's see, the hardest thing for me today was trying to keep myself level headed. Obviously there was a few times where I did boil over a little bit, but nothing compared to what I've been like in the past. I feel like with how tough it was, for me I did a good job.

Q. Final thing. Arnold Palmer had a famous quote, he said, You must play boldly to win. And the tee shot on 17 and your approach shot on 18, those were some bold iron shots.
TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, just trying to hold up a 5-iron on 17 and then 18 we were, it felt like we were in between a really soft 6, which isn't a nice shot to try and hit it, or just try and get a good flight on a 7. And as I stepped into the ball I think the wind did me a favor, because it felt like it pretty much dropped on me, which gave me the confidence to just stand there and I feel like that was probably one of the best swings I made all day.

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