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March 5, 2020

Captain Farrukh Dustov

Denis Istomin

Sanjar Fayziev

Kyumoyun Sultanov

Olimjon Nabiev

Honolulu, Hawaii

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Denis, this is a tough American squad. What sort of hopes or expectations does this team have this weekend?
DENIS ISTOMIN: Of course we are coming here to participate and play, show our best, trying to win the tie. I think there is nothing to say about what we hoping. We just trying to do our best and that's it.

Q. Your experience on the Davis Cup court, can that play a role against the younger Americans this weekend?
DENIS ISTOMIN: It's not any more this kind of Davis Cup because before was playing five-set matches. Now it's three-set matches. It's a little help let's say for the more experienced players. But also helps for me because I'm not young any more. I don't spend so much energy for the five-set matches.

I mean, yeah, it's not first time for me. I just go and show my game and try to win.

Q. Farrukh, what is the expectation for you as a coach? How do you see a path towards victory?
CAPTAIN DUSTOV: It's going to be a tough game, very interesting game. I think tomorrow Denis is starting first match. Fayziev Sanjar will start second. Maybe he wouldn't have so much pressure as he would start the first. We will do our best to win the match.

Q. What led into the decision to pick Sanjar for the second singles spot?
CAPTAIN DUSTOV: Indoors he plays very good. He already played couple of matches indoors. Before the doubles matches, he plays the singles, so he can get used to the courts, the conditions. This is the reason.

Q. (Question about first matchup.)
SANJAR FAYZIEV: He's a top player. I will try to show my best tennis and we'll see what's going to happen.

Q. Have any of you been to Hawaii before?
DENIS ISTOMIN: I think it's first time for all of us. For me for sure. For me, I like the place. It's kind of paradise, I would say. It's nice to be here and enjoying the time. It's very nice.

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