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March 4, 2020

Katie Meier

Beatrice Mompremier

Endia Banks

Greensboro, North Carolina

Clemson - 68, Miami - 56

THE MODERATOR: We welcome Miami head Coach Katie Meier as well as Endia Banks and Beatrice Mompremier. Coach?

KATIE MEIER: Well, gosh, you gotta give hats off to Clemson. That was -- they haven't had that much -- their percentages were incredible. Kobi was really special. They have some three-point shooting but the timely threes they got from people other than Kendall Spray was crushing and then Kobi in her isolation moments, we put about everybody we had on her and she still was hitting big shots at big moments. When we took the lead I thought Clemson's response back was great. They had gone cold to start the second half and that's about as cold as we have been all year. We have struggled this year at times but the three-ball has been our friend in February and we were shooting at a high clip, 13 a game, 13 a game, 10 a game and our shooters were getting them and they weren't going in. I did not think if we outrebounded Clemson and we had 8 steals and forced the turnover 18 times, that formula is a win for Miami normally so then you gotta look at something else because it wasn't for lack of effort from my team at all. It wasn't for lack of execution. We got the shots we wanted, we put quite a few up. It's a matter of, we do rely on Kelsey Marshall hitting big shots and Mykea Gray hitting good shots and 2 for 16 is a bad formula for Miami so you have to look at the percentages and realize they did a nice job of forcing us to miss shots and we didn't do a good enough job of forcing them to miss theirs. I never blame it on anything but that, you know, you gotta give the defensive some credit.

Q. Coach, this is a team that you beat twice in the regular season?

Q. What happened this evening as far as the way that they were holding y'all away from the three-point line?
KATIE MEIER: Right, well, it's crazy because obviously we were open from the three because of Beatrice's performance and I do want to make a comment about Beatrice. I believe she had 15 of our 22 or 23 in the second half, and Bea didn't have to come back and play. She has a bright future and a lot of basketball ahead of her and she was dealing with an incredible injury. You know they were doubling her, she drew how many fouls? I want to say 11. So the paint was pretty clogged, the three was open, we had to have hit it to win. It was just a matter of us, you know, just not being in the same rhythm, maybe, you know I don't know. I'll take my team's effort, there have been times this year where I didn't think we were focused and played as hard as we needed to play or together. I think that was just a great basketball game and, you know, we shared the ball and we would have had some pretty special moments and I kept saying we're about to catch fire guys, keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting and we just never caught fire in that second half.

Q. Beatrice, to follow up on Coach, certainly leaving it all out on the court and playing a great game, what has been the highlight during your career playing ACC and Miami basketball?
BEATRICE MOMPREMIER: My highlight would be just coming out here and playing with my team, giving our best effort and winning some games.

Q. Beatrice one more question, Coach mentioned you didn't have to come back, you did, the last four games you played like yourself, you averaged 19 a game. Talk about the last stretches and what it's meant to you to get back on the floor and play?
BEATRICE MOMPREMIER: It meant everything to me, coming back out here with my team. I don't know, I really don't know what to say. I just wanted to be out there with my team so that's pretty much what really brought me back.

Q. Endia, what's it been like to play with Bea for these years?
ENDIA BANKS: It's been amazing to play with Bea. She is a special player and she is able to rival a team no matter what. She is a fighter, and she is going to compete for you.

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