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February 23, 2020

Gael Monfils

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've been here a few days. How do you feel about your game and the conditions?
GAEL MONFILS: I feel good. Condition are definitely a bit different because we back outdoor. It's a bit faster, ball flying a bit more. Just have to make some adjustment. So far I feel okay.

Q. Can you make it three in a row?
GAEL MONFILS: If I can win tomorrow first, that would be the first goal.

Q. How does it feel to be able to have this kind of consistency and win all these matches? What kind of confidence do you get from that?
GAEL MONFILS: To be honest, I don't even think about it. I try just to be every day working hard, try to be a better player. I try, exactly what I say, try to have some goals and try to be next to them or reach them. That's the most important thing I think.

Win or not, give my best and enjoy it and see in the big moments how I react.

Q. A lot of people here like your style, entertainment. What do you think about your chances here in Dubai? For the whole season, what is your target and focus?
GAEL MONFILS: My chances here is same as everybody on the field. I think we can all do damage. I can win hopefully.

Then for the season, it's definitely to try to stay in the top 10. Why not reach a spot that I never reach? It's been maybe once in the top 5 even one week.

Q. (Question about his sister Maelie.)
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, obviously my sister, she love tennis as well. She has the patience. She's at Roland Garros working in Roland Garros, working with the federation.

Myself, I try to take little bit pressure off her because I think she have a little bit of expectation. I'm just here as a big brother, any time she needs to relieve the pressure.

I always be at her side when she needs. Definitely hopefully she going to make it.

Q. You had a tough match against Krajinovic in Rotterdam. What are your impressions of his game? Do you think this could be a good season for him?
GAEL MONFILS: I think is going to be very good season because he has been incredible tennis. I've been saying twice I played him. It was actually twice the biggest match I really had to pull off. I think Filip improve a lot.

I was a little bit more lucky than him twice. When I say 'luck', it's a real word, it's luck. One volley, one line challenge. It was very tight.

I think he's going to be back in the top top very soon because he's playing extremely well.

Q. You will be playing Dennis Novak from Austria in the second round. We asked him if there's still something to settle between the two of you. He said would be a payback day. What is your response? Do you remember?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, I mean, as I say, as I told him, back to Vienna, I hurt myself a little bit, didn't know where. That was a little bit experience. He say I went out of the court.

I love Dennis, and he knows it. I told him exactly the truth. If he thought about anything, I even apologize. Tennis, it's a joy. It's a sport. If I win my first one, I win. If he beat me, I'm very happy for him. Me, I be home and very happy to be home, too. To be honest, I'm fine with everything.

Q. Talk about your first-round opponent. How do you look to that match?
GAEL MONFILS: Actually I can go back home faster. I think is a great player. Is definitely a player that we play last year, was really tough to beat him. I feel like is very solid. Had great Australian Open this year. I saw him play in Rotterdam against Roberto Bautista Agut. Was a solid performance from him. He was a bit unlucky.

I expect a tough one. If I can pull out a great match to beat him, I be happy.

Q. You and Elina were here in the off-season. What is one of the favorite things for you to do here in Dubai?
GAEL MONFILS: For myself is go to the desert. I think it's very relaxing. You can think about anything else in your life. You have peace. Yeah, one of the favorite things to do here.

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