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February 23, 2020

Petra Kvitova

Doha, Qatar

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Two Wimbledon titles, what does that extra special that it takes to win a Grand Slam? There are many other players who have faltered probably at the final or in the semi-final, too nervous, too much of expectations, but how was it for you and what would you tell them? And my second question is, do you see any players from your generation or even the present lot having a long and sustained run like how Steffi Graf or Martina had?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, I think it's a little bit different for sure to win a Grand Slam compared to winning other tournaments because you have to be ready for two weeks which is not generally easy, you are suffering with the weather, with the injuries, with the tiredness, with opponents, of course, so it's always a bit different to be ready for 14 days, even if have you a day off you still are thinking about it and thinking how it's going to be and so and of course the pressure is always there, especially for the tough players, for the seeded players. So for me those two Grand Slam wins was a little bit different. The first one I was kind of No. 8 seed and I didn't really win or reach final of the Grand Slam before, so suddenly I was there and I didn't know what's happening over there, so it's been different compared to the other one, which I was kind of favored a bit.

But, yeah, and the second question was, sorry? Which player?

Q. Yeah, do you think the present lot of players or even people from your generation will have a sustained run like Steffi Graf or Martina Navratilova, is it very difficult to do that?
PETRA KVITOVA: It is very difficult, yeah. I thought that Serena was going to win those four Grand Slams in one year, but unfortunately she couldn't do it in the U.S. Open. But definitely there are players who can have great long runs during the tournaments, but I think it's very open right now and everybody can just beat everyone, so it's very tough.

Q. How are you feeling and then how is the preparation been like for this event?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, unfortunately I had to withdraw from St. Pete due to illness, so I was suffering couple of days with it, with a little bit of fever, cough, so some just things. But overall I feel much better. Sometimes I'm coughing but it's easier already. So I had like two, three days of practicing at home only so, but I tried to put everything to there and, yeah, I came two days ago here and I hope the sun and the warm weather will help my health to recover a little bit faster. Yeah, I feel okay, that's important, for sure, I feel healthy, it's good to know that as well.

Q. And then just looking ahead at just not just this week in Doha but even as we kind of look ahead to the U.S. hard courts with Indian Wells and Miami, you kind of, you know, where's your head at coming out of the start of the season as we kind of go through and finish over the hard court season?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I think I had a quite good beginning of the season, not as good as last year, but, yeah, overall I think I'm pretty happy with the performance and with the game which I played over there. No, the illness took me a little bit away after Melbourne and even after St. Pete, so it's, I've been a little bit dealing with it. The weather in Europe it's not really great coming from Melbourne with the 40 degrees there, so, but I mean every tournament is different. I lost my first round, my first match in Doha, so I'm going to try my best to do a little bit better this time for sure. And Miami, yeah, I like the new venue actually, I played pretty good tennis over there as well, so I'm really looking forward for those two nice tournaments.

Q. You mentioned your health. Obviously there's a big coronavirus outbreak spreading to a lot of countries, I wondered about your thoughts and is that a concern for a lot of the players on tour and what kind of precautions are you girls taking?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, to be honest, yeah, I heard quite often about the coronavirus, but it's tough to explain, I don't know really those details about it. But I'm okay with it, I mean, of course, I'm, as an athlete, I'm doing everything for 100 percent, taking vitamins and those stuff and cleaning hands every day -- few times per day (laughing) -- so, yeah, I know it's a big topic in the world and I'm really sorry for those people who are sick and I hope that somebody will fix it soon.

Q. Sofia Kenin winning the title at the Australian Open, I was curious about your thoughts on that. Obviously she had a very strong year last year, finished the year Most Improved and all that, but still I think for a lot of people maybe who don't follow the tour on a weekly basis it's a surprise champion. What's your take on her title run there?
PETRA KVITOVA: Well, to be honest, before the tournament I wouldn't say that she can win it, for sure, but definitely she showed great tennis and great fighting spirit. And I think in those important key points I think that she was really strong mentally and she just hit it pretty nicely, that's what I saw a little bit of it and, yeah, I mean, as you mentioned, she played so many matches last year and she won so many of them as well as the most improved player. I think she played in Shenzhen as well one match, right? So I think with those experiences and everything she just gained some confidence and I think that then she really played great tennis there. So, yeah, I mean, for sure, she won it because she played the best in the moment and, yeah.

Q. From your perspective as a veteran player on the tour, we have gone through about 12 months of or longer than that -- first there was Naomi and then Ash became a major champion and then Blanca and it seemed like these young players were coming through. Now it's another one. Does it kind of feel like they just kind of keep popping up and making these big deep runs at these events more and more?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, probably, I don't know, I'm not really seeing the future that much, but definitely they are coming out and they're playing well. As you mentioned now Naomi for sure having two Grand Slams at a young age, it's great for her for sure. And, yeah, I will see how they deal with the pressure and with everything around, it's nothing really easy to deal with and, yeah, I mean of course, as you mentioned, me as a veteran it's, actually it's nice to see young faces coming and playing and it's great competing in this period of time here, so it's good.

Q. How different is it -- of course you said I think Wimbledon the surfaces are fantastic, you love to play on them, but how difficult is it to play on the other surfaces mentally and physically and you yourself, do you feel yourself you have it in you for another Grand Slam, will it come soon?
PETRA KVITOVA: Yeah, I would love to, for sure, that's why I'm playing tennis to try and have it on the other surfaces as well. But, yeah, the hard court, it's something between the grass and clay I would say, it's, sometimes you really can hit it perfectly, sometimes you have to play some long rallies and stuff. But especially French Open I think playing on the clay I think that's probably the most physical part, the physical toughness of the Grand Slam for sure.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thank you.


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