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February 23, 2020

Joey Logano

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. Joey, they say in Las Vegas you'd rather be lucky than good. I'd say today you were both.
JOEY LOGANO: Maybe a little bit. That caution at the end was something we needed to have, and being able to eventually stay out there, get the clean air, take that clean air was a huge deal for this whole team. And being able to win the race that your sponsor is sponsoring is such a big deal, and obviously with Pennzoil and Autotrader and Ford, the Roush Yates engines that built this thing, unbelievable car.
I want to say hey to my wife and son at home. They were not able to come all the way out here to the West Coast. It's a little long flight for him. But man, I wish you guys were here and celebrating with us.
We're still going to have some fun, drinking some Coca‑Cola and having a good time here.

Q. We saw an incredible race today where there was long run speed for some cars, short runs from others, and then these wild restarts. How concerned were you on the final restart not only getting a push from Stenhouse but all the guys that took fresh tires?
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, like I said, on the start‑finish line, I needed clean air, needed to get to the front. If you have clean air, that's enough to overcome the tires. That's what we were able to do, get a good push from Ricky, and it kind of pushed me out a little bit, and then I saw‑‑ well, I didn't see, T.J. told me in the spotter's stand to protect the bottom, 24 was coming. Made that block, that was key, and then Matt made a move on him to get to second.
Once they did that, I was able to separate myself from the pack to where they couldn't draft me as much down the straightaway, and then just be able to run a couple smooth laps until we got to the checkered flag.

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