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February 20, 2020

Elena Rybakina

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

E. RYBAKINA/K. Pliskova

7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What are your thoughts on the match today?
ELENA RYBAKINA: Yes, I serve good. It was tough match because first time actually I played here in the heat. It was difficult.

But I'm really happy that I made it.

Q. Your first top-five win.
ELENA RYBAKINA: That's amazing. I didn't really think if she's No. 2, 3. Doesn't really matter for me. I always try to do my best. Of course, I want to win every match.

Yeah, I was just focusing what I had to do, so...

Q. What do you think you did best today?
ELENA RYBAKINA: I serve. In few games I returns really good. I mean, I think everything was okay today, yes.

Q. When you beat a number of top players in a tournament in succession, do you allow yourself to look as far ahead as the final or just one match at a time?
ELENA RYBAKINA: No, just match by match because I had nothing to lose. It was really difficult for me to came just from indoors. I was tired physically.

Yeah, so I was focusing on every match.

Q. Because of that adjustment, are you surprised by how well you are playing?
ELENA RYBAKINA: To be honest, yes, because I thought that I will have problems with the serve because in indoors it's different feeling. I'm surprised with my serve, that I'm really doing good, yeah.

Q. Talk about your form this year, also towards the end of last year, what has that journey been like for you?
ELENA RYBAKINA: Yes, everything is new for me because I played a lot of matches last year. I had good pre-season. This year I physically more ready. It's not easy.

Of course, everything is new for me. I'm here first time. It's a different feelings.

Q. What is the tricky part of everything that's happening to you at the moment? What is the thing you have to adjust to the most?

Q. Through the last couple months.
ELENA RYBAKINA: I mean, I don't know. I have to adjust to everything because, as I said, it's everything new for me. I didn't play so much tournaments before. Only last year.

I'm just have to improve everything, just little details. Against every player, I have to prepare different, so yeah.

Q. As far as your calm on the court, have you always been that way or something you have to work on?
ELENA RYBAKINA: That I'm calm?

Q. Yes.
ELENA RYBAKINA: No, I'm always calm, yeah.

Q. Talk about your coach, what you think he's brought to your game.
ELENA RYBAKINA: We started to work in February, so it's one year. I think we improved everything a little bit, like serve, technique, also tactically. He's helping me a lot. I mean, I think, yeah, it's everything, a little bit of everything.

Still I have to work a lot.

Q. The on-court coaching, you were trying to tell him something. He said, No, now is the time to listen to me. What do you find the most useful? Are there any negatives?
ELENA RYBAKINA: No, I think it's good. Yeah, actually we don't have so much time, so it was actually correct to tell me, I have to tell you.

No, I think it's really helping. It's important for us.

Q. When you're stepping on the court playing the Ace Queen, this year you're the Ace Queen, what was it like for you getting on the court?

Q. Yes.
ELENA RYBAKINA: I knew I have to serve good today. I knew also that it's not going to be long rallies. I was preparing myself just to return. First three balls I had to play, like, really focused. I was trying to do it. It was hot. It was really difficult for me.

But I think I did everything possible today.

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