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February 19, 2020

Jon Rahm

Mexico City, Mexico

Q. What expectation do you have of the tournament?
JON RAHM: It�s an honor to come here, it is a great city and the tournament and course are amazing. It is one of my favorite stops of the year. After my good result in 2017, it is a tournament that I would like to win as a Hispanic and if a Mexican does not win, it would be great for a Spanish speaker to win. I will do my best to win this week.

Q. A strange feeling to be speaking Spanish in a PGA TOUR tournament, what do you think about it?
JON RAHM: It's strange, we have one in China but being able to speak my language is like playing a tournament at home. That similarity with Spain is what makes me feel at home. It would be a weird feeling to win and be able to do the press conference in Spanish.

Q. How have you worked with your coach on managing emotions?
JON RAHM: I don�t know how to respond without saying something that I have already said but we all have emotions on the course and what has been difficult is that when I get angry, I get angry but that helps me to be a better competitor. I have had tournaments where after a bogey I just played badly and others where I played well after a bogey. There are more times that it has helped me than it has hurt me. The difficult thing is not the handling of emotions but how it projects in a way that seems youthful to complain.

Q. How will it benefit Carlos Ortiz to play with you and Scott?
JON RAHM: I have had a lot of public support in recent years being the only Spaniard in the group but this year Carlos will have more support than me and I think it will help him. To be able to play at home, in your country it is the best thing there is as an athlete and I hope that playing with me and Adam Scott who is playing very well, will help him and if he does not win it will help him play his best golf and catapult his career. I am confident that with how well they are playing this year, if not this week it will be soon. If I don�t win this week, I hope it�s him or Abraham.

Q. Any specific major you want to win?
JON RAHM: I can give you an answer for each one, as a European it is obviously the British Open but as a lover of golf history, be the first Spaniard to win the PGA or the U.S. Open would be great. There is an argument for each of them, the Masters because it�s the Masters. If I could choose this year, I would choose the British Open but obviously I would be happy to win any of them. Similarly, reaching world number one would be incredible. No player since Seve has been able to achieve it and it is a dream that we have since childhood. It is a consequence of playing well week after week and what I have to do is concentrate on playing well and I hope I win this week to be number one in the world starting Sunday.

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