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February 15, 2020

Buddy Hield

Charlotte, North Carolina - 3-Point Contest

Q. Did you have any nervousness about competing against Devin Booker?
BUDDY HIELD: Of course. I was talking to Book, and Book said, he's been in it before, and he was talking about it and said he already got one, and that gave me motivation to get one. He said coming every time brings more pressure. As a shooter, you want to win one. Every shooter wants to win one, and I feel like that. Joe [Harris] won it last year. [Davis] Bertans is having a great year shooting the ball, Devin, Trae [Young], Zach [LaVine]. Top three-point guys in the league. You want to come out and show it. But it's fun.

Q. Buddy, the Mountain Dew shot, did you guys practice that beforehand? I noticed a couple of you guys were almost skipping by it, almost running by it. Was it kind of a weird wrinkle for you guys?
BUDDY HIELD: Yeah, I didn't care about it. When I was practicing, I was like, if I focus too much on it, it's going to mess me up. So I just sit back and relax and focus on trying to finish the five racks. If I made them, Mountain Dew ball, it was a bonus. Just focus on making those shots.

Q. You guys always dream of winning a game with the last-second shot. You won this contest with a last-second shot. What is the feeling of winning it with that last shot?
BUDDY HIELD: I felt great. Like I said earlier, as a shooter, this is on your bucket list. You have to come in, and you want to win a three-point shootout. With a stacked field like that, it makes it even better. Pressure is on, and you've got to show up.

Q. When you're going through it, do you have the count going in your head, or are you just shooting? Do you know where you are in relation to the lead or the score or anything like that?
BUDDY HIELD: No, I think I heard the guy on the PA, the announcer, and I had 25 or 26 or something like that. I know Devin had 26, so I knew I had to make one more to top him. I was focused. I was locked in on that part.

Q. Would you rather not know in that situation?
BUDDY HIELD: No, you want to know. So if you're losing, you've got to catch up.

Q. I talked to you just about a week ago in Dallas about your hometown. What does it mean for you to bring this trophy back to them?
BUDDY HIELD: Sure, it means a lot. When I go back to the Bahamas, I do it for people back home. I do it for me and my family. Thank God I have the ability to do that. People back home, they enjoy this more than I do. Being from the Bahamas and getting to represent them, it means the world to them. I do it on the highest level that I can and be the role model for the kids down there, to show them, if I can do it, whatever you apply yourself in life, anything is possible.

Q. How is your routine today, this morning, and going through warmups different than a game-day routine?
BUDDY HIELD: I had no routine this morning. I went out last night. So I was just chilling. It was All-Star Weekend. You got to have fun too. So it was cool. I was just relaxing. I came in and I just locked in.

Q. Is there anyone in particular you want to dedicate that trophy?
BUDDY HIELD: Hurricane Dorian -- people in the Bahamas and people that lost their homes, people that lost lives. I dedicate it to them because, like I say, I represent my country to the fullest. When I say that, I really mean it because without my upbringing, I'm nothing. I know what it's like to be in a hurricane. I haven't been in a Category 5, but, no, this goes to them for sure.

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