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February 15, 2020

Bam Adebayo

Chicago, Illinois - Taco Bell Skills Challenge

Q. So clearly, you were enjoying every moment of it, but before the final, did you ever start thinking you might actually win this thing? Did the nerves ever kick in at all?
BAM ADEBAYO: I did because they kept putting me on my same side. So I was like I got a chance. After the first one, I was like, yeah, I got a chance. In practice, you go through it on the left side. So I was like, man, this feels like clockwork.

I just want to say something. I read a tweet that I was last to win in Vegas. So whoever bet, I hope you got your money. I hope you go buy yourself a Ruth's Chris, Cheesecake Factory, something in that fashion.

Q. To follow up, in all seriousness, saying that you're giving the trophy to your mom, we all know what she means to you, but how dope will that be for you?
BAM ADEBAYO: I'm supposed to be finding her. She might cry because it's a big deal. This isn't something that you just pass along. I know it's All-Star Weekend and we're all having fun, but it's competition at the end of the day. I came out and won this one, and it's just another accolade to me.

Q. Bam, obviously, in the history of Miami Heat gentlemen to hold that thing, number 3 sitting right there, how much does it impact you as you're going through it?
BAM ADEBAYO: Man, I'm just trying to be like him, trying to live that legacy and just trying to do something special like he did for the Miami Heat and for the city of Miami.

Q. In some ways this has been a breakout weekend for you. People in Miami know all about you, but maybe the rest of the country is learning about you too?
BAM ADEBAYO: I don't think it's a breakout weekend. I think it's more of a breakout season for me. I don't discredit what I did before the All-Star break. I feel like I deserve to be here, and just being here and proving that I just got another accolade is putting more people on notice.

Q. I just spoke to Spencer Dinwiddie, and he was kind of baffled that you were able to get him out here so quickly. Did you surprise yourself by how fast you were able to get him out of here?
BAM ADEBAYO: Go look at the tape. I told Spencer I'm going to be the champion. We were walking in, and I told Spencer I was going to be a champion. He took me lightly. Now I'm the champion. I got a shiny medal.

Q. Knowing what Kobe meant to you, what did it mean to wear 2 and 24 and those stars on your shoulder tonight?
BAM ADEBAYO: Man, like I said, when I was in high school, I said if I get to the NBA, I want to meet Kobe. I feel like this is my All-Star to do it. I feel like he's been more of an impact now than he was back then. Not saying that him living didn't do anything for me, but it just means more now that I know I can never meet him. I feel like he knows who I am now.

So just keep trying to make him proud.

Q. And your getting the first one, does that put a little more pressure on Duncan [Robinson] and D.J. [Derrick Jones]?
BAM ADEBAYO: Definitely. Like I said, I expect them to win too. We're trying to go 3-0 in All-Star -- actually, 4-0 because me and Jimmy [Butler] are trying to win. So, yeah, my pressure's on.

Q. Bam, we know you and Jimmy Butler have a thing going on this season where he's supposed to give you money for three-point attempts. Are you going to hit him up for that?
BAM ADEBAYO: That's $1,500, so I'll be expecting my check in the mail.

Q. Can we follow up with a Kobe highlight? What's your favorite Kobe highlight?
BAM ADEBAYO: Favorite Kobe highlight? Ooh, I'm going to say the off glass in L.A. against D-Wade.

Q. Bam, you mentioned you guys are trying to go 4-for-4. Do you think this is a great stage for teams to be like -- or fans to realize, look, the Heat down in Miami, you've got to pay attention now? If they aren't already, you've got to pay attention to what they're doing.
BAM ADEBAYO: We've been down a couple of years. That's what I like about this organization, we never stop fighting no matter what our year is like. We always come in with positive intentions and trying to find a way to win. It's perfect that one of us started with a trophy, and we're looking for everybody else to get one. It just shows how much talent we have on this team.

Q. What does it say about the infrastructure of the organization that you guys are able to bounce back to contending not that long ago for a title?
BAM ADEBAYO: Just saying that they know how to pick players. They know who they want. They know how to get them, and they did that this year. I feel like Jimmy Butler is a big reason why we're winning. I know Jimmy says it's me, but I believe it's Jimmy, and that's all respect to him because his effort, his -- the way he goes about himself, the way he carries himself on the court, he's one of those dude that's hard knocks. He's one of those dudes that's fought through the wringer, and he's trying to win. It gets contagious.

Q. Bam, is this proof that Spo is let you shoot more threes now?
BAM ADEBAYO: I'm just saying, I had to end this with threes, so I can take top-of-the-key threes maybe? I mean, I just won, you know what I'm saying, this thing right here, so I hope you see this. He might put it in consideration.

Q. Is there anyone in particular you want to dedicate the trophy?
BAM ADEBAYO: My mom, and it's because all she's been through and all the struggles she's been through and what the living conditions I had to go through and how she still strived to make me happy and make our house feel home. I can't do nothing but give her that and keep giving her every other accolade I get.

Q. Bam, how much pride do you take representing big men, you and Domantas Sabonis in the finals? Did that represent anything to you, representing big men?
BAM ADEBAYO: It just shows where this league is going, and it's scary because, when you got guys that are 6-10, classified as centers or power forwards, I don't believe it's any of that anymore. I mean, K.D. is 7 foot, so is K.D. a center?

Anyways, it just shows how this game has transformed, and it get scary.

I'm going to take this to my mom. Y'all have a good night. Whoever bet on me, like I said before, go and enjoy a good nice dinner. It's on me. And I'm going to do the same.

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