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February 15, 2020

Russell Westbrook

Chicago, Illinois

Q. What is going to be so special about this All-Star Game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: The game itself is always going to be special to me. Simple as that.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about the NBA adding a one-on-one game to the All-Star Weekend. Who would you want to play and why?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: No one. I don't really care to play. I don't really care to see the one-on-one. That doesn't really show much. Basketball is a team sport, and that's that.

Q. What does "honor the gift" mean?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: "Honor the gift" means I believe everybody has been blessed with a talent, and I believe God has blessed everyone to honor each and every one of their gifts. That's kind of where I got the name from.

Q. What have you thought about this season so far with James Harden?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: It's been great. We're moving in the right direction. I'm happy where we are. I'm happy where we're headed.

Q. Have you added something personally to your game throughout the season, realizing you have to change a little bit to accommodate him or vice versa?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Each game and throughout each season, you find ways to be able to make your teammates better and find ways to be able to sacrifice certain parts of your game. That's definitely normal, which is fine with me.

Q. You score at the rim. You get rebounds. Do you feel that you're positionless?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I play all positions. I do whatever it is for me to do on the court to help us win. That's what I do. My natural position, yes, I am a point guard. I play point guard. A lot of people like to take that away from me because of the things I do, but I am a point guard. I like to dominate that position. That's my natural position.

Q. Have you especially enjoyed this style and the floor spacing?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I just try to find ways to make an impact. Obviously, with this style of playing, different guys on the floor have to be able to guard in a lot of space, which is to my advantage.

Q. (No microphone).
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: See, internally, we don't think it's small ball. We just play our personnel and go compete, and that's it.

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