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February 15, 2020

Aaron Gordon

Chicago, Illinois

Q. Who's the best trash talker?
AARON GORDON: Man, the best trash talker I've ever played against -- I know some of the best trash talkers. I know Gary Payton. He's one of the best trash talkers. Kevin Garnett, he's one of the best trash talkers. I didn't really get a chance to play with them, but they still talk trash.

Q. Next week, Wilder vs. Fury, do you have a prediction?
AARON GORDON: Wilder for sure.

Q. What will be the approach tonight?
AARON GORDON: I don't know. I'm going to be pretty straightforward with it. I've got some dunks that have never been done in an NBA Dunk Contest before. I'm going to take a chance with some of my dunks. We'll see how it goes.

Q. How hard is dunking these days? You see a lot of videos on the internet with Joe Schmoe, who's playing in his neighborhood gym, doing some amazing dunks.
AARON GORDON: Yeah, but I'm still a world class dunker, you know what I mean? We could have a Dunk Contest with those guys too, and I'd still be up there.

Q. What do you think of a one-on-one contest at All-Star?
AARON GORDON: I think it would be great. I think it's really competitive. How much would the winner get?

Q. I think it should be crowd sourced from the fans.
AARON GORDON: No, it can't be crowd sourced. But a one-on-one contest would be sick.

Q. Who's the best one-on-one player right now?
AARON GORDON: Right now the best one-on-one player, hmm, that's tough man. There's a lot of really great one-on-one players in this league. I think KD, when he's healthy. I think Kawhi is a really great one-on-one player. I think Giannis would be really hard to stop one-on-one. James [Harden]. James is a really tough one-on-one player. James might come out with a win.

Q. Is this experience different than the first time you came here?
AARON GORDON: Definitely different. I feel more comfortable. Still have the same level of excitement, still have the same level of love for dunking. I'm ready. I'm excited.

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