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June 25, 2001

Tiger Woods


Q. Kind of went a little bit slow. Did it take the wind out of your sails?

TIGER WOODS: Definitely didn't start out the way I wanted to. Bogied the first two, but I made a great bogey putt on the second. (Inaudible) I got it back and I had a chance to shoot a halfway decent score in the 60s, but I messed up way, way at the end.

Q. Talk about your experience of playing here this week and the way the fans treated you; how you felt about the experience of playing in New York again?

TIGER WOODS: I had fun. I had a lot of fun. I remember going back to 1997 I had a lot of fun here. It was a lot enjoyable (inaudible) unfortunately I wasn't able to putt as good as I wanted to or as I needed to to contend, but nonetheless the fans were great and extremely supportive.

Q. Response (inaudible) in the tournament yesterday when you didn't make the turn and keep it going what got away from you this week (inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: Yesterday on the back nine I had a chance to a halfway decent score where I might have a chance going into today. But I went the other way and let it slip away. Then I was a little frustrated, a little disappointed because I know what I can do and on that back nine I just wasn't able to do it.

Q. Did the par 5s hurt you this week?

TIGER WOODS: Every hole in general hurt me this week. I didn't really -- I will be honest, I didn't really hit the ball all that good. My speed on the greens was spotty. I hit a lot of good putts that went in and a lot of putts that didn't go in, but my speed really wasn't what it needed to be. Therefore, I had a couple of 3-putts which I don't normally have.

Q. Would you like to play here more often?

TIGER WOODS: I would like to. This golf course is great. It is a lot of fun. You have got to create shots. The golf course is a lot more challenging and more difficult when (inaudible)--

Q. Talk about the play of Sergio and what it is going to be like him to face him in the coming tournaments.

TIGER WOODS: He has been playing great. Good for him. He needs to do that and it is fun to watch. He is playing real solid; hopefully we will go head-to-head in some other tournaments down the road.

Q. What will you do now between now and the British Open to get yourself back into the groove?

TIGER WOODS: I am going fishing.

Q. What parts of your game will you work on....

TIGER WOODS: I don't know, I don't care. I am going to take some time off.

Q. Next tournament will you go to is the Western?

TIGER WOODS: I will play the Western. As of now. I might WD but as of right now it looks pretty good.

Q. Anything else other than that before the British?

TIGER WOODS: That's it. I used to go to Ireland go fishing around and don't let fishing get in the way -- don't let the golf get in the way of my fishing.

Q. Why would you WD, is something the matter?

TIGER WOODS: Nothing the matter. Just don't want to play.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: Sometimes it is nice to take a little break. I have taken three weeks off heading into a major before and I have won.

Q. Does the time off really recharge you?

TIGER WOODS: Yes, it does. Get away from you guys (laughs).

Q. Are you a little frustrated or disappointed because it didn't happen for you coming in after the Open?

TIGER WOODS: No, that is just part of the game. You can't play good every week. But what you can do is try. I tried it on every shot. It just wasn't there. Not much more I can do about that. I know my mechanics are a little bit off. Consequently I had to rely on a lot of feel. It puts a huge strain on you when you have to rely on feel all the time when the mechanics aren't really where they need to be.

Q. Does the scheduling of this tournament make it tough for you to show up here before or right after the U.S. Open?

TIGER WOODS: When it was before the Open that -- it was almost impossible. I like to take time off before the Open because it is such a grueling week. People have no idea unless they have actually played the U.S. Open, they have no idea how tough it is mentally during a US Open.

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