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February 7, 2020

Sofia Kenin

Everett, Washington, USA

S. KENIN/A. Sevastova

6-2, 6-2

USA - 1

Latvia - 0

Q. You faced her in Brisbane like a month ago basically almost to the day. How was this match different from that one for you and what did you learn from that match that helped you tonight?
SOFIA KENIN: Well, like you said, I played her in Brisbane. I used that match to help me. I studied her game really well. I watched my match against her. I felt like everything was going my way. I came up with some really clutch shots. Yeah, I was getting really pumped.

The crowd really helped me. I feel like I played really well. I played obviously so much better than in Brisbane. I felt like I knew her game. I was able to do what I wanted to do, yeah, achieve what I wanted to do.

Q. Both the game in the first set where you broke her, I think you were Love-40 and then 15-40. What was the thought process in those games? How much is that easier now for you when you have a situation like the Aussie final when you come back?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I actually remember one game, but it was two, okay.

Yeah, it was a close game. She was playing some really good tennis. I knew I just needed to hang in there. I broke and I felt like the momentum changed big-time for me. I knew I needed to keep sustaining that and not let my guard down.

Q. You mentioned how the crowd pumped you up. What was the atmosphere out there like tonight?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, so good. I love playing in front of them. The Fed Cup is so different. They're just cheering for me, they're supporting me. They got really excited after every point.

Yeah, I love the crowd. They really helped me and I used it to my advantage.

Q. What are the nerves like in a Grand Slam final compared to playing for your country?
SOFIA KENIN: It's nerves obviously, but it's different nerves. Here I'm representing my country. We have a team. I don't want to let them down. I'm not playing just for myself, I'm playing for everyone. I feel like I'm looking at my bench. I have Kathy on the court, my dad sitting there, everyone else, the physios, the doctors.

Yeah, it's just such a team atmosphere and I really wanted to start off well.

Q. She plays a little differently than other players on tour. You seemed to counter her game well tonight. Was that something deliberate that you wanted to go into the match doing?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I practiced that. I knew she's going to slice. I knew she's going to dropshot, mix up the pace, not give me rhythm. I think I did a good job practicing that. It wasn't easy. I didn't like practicing it.

Obviously when I started the match, I already knew what she was going to do. I followed up with things that I wanted to do.

Q. How long have you been playing with the red, white and blue racquet?
SOFIA KENIN: Started in Brisbane just this year.

Q. Why did you choose that?
SOFIA KENIN: (Indiscernible) asked me if I wanted to be the only American representing the American flag. I was honored and super excited, said I'd love to do it. Yeah, I think they did a really great job.

Q. Given the kind of success you've had with that, are you going to stick with that for a while?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I hope so. I'd like to.

Q. There was a point in the second set, the third game, she was down Love-40 and she came back to win.
SOFIA KENIN: Yes, I lost that game.

Q. Then at Love-30, did you feel like that was a big point in the match?
SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, she was obviously playing well, she came up with some good shots. Obviously I didn't like the fact I lost the game at 40-Love. I had it. I felt like things could have went differently.

I was able to somehow maintain my composure and just play some good points. I really needed to just find a way in that 2-1 game to break back. After that I felt like the momentum went my way.

Q. You came back, you were down in the games. How is it that you're always able to come back like that? How are you sleep-wise now after being in Australia?
SOFIA KENIN: Coming back, I fight for every point. It's not a guarantee I'm going to come back. But today it was working for me. Just, yeah, the atmosphere was obviously amazing. That obviously helped me.

Sleep-wise was, of course, difficult. I'm used to the time zone. I feel great. Felt great to play.

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