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February 8, 2020

Jason Day

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Was it the toughest day of the week with the wind and the cold this morning?
JASON DAY: Yeah, not really for us, actually, because we got about 17 holes before the wind picked up and we were pretty much in the trees. So gave myself plenty of opportunities out there. I just unfortunately didn't capitalize. I got a little unlucky on 16, hit it down the fairway and had a pretty big clump of mud on the right side of the ball, but ended up making a good par there.

And then on 17 I hit a nice wedge shot in there and then kind of just popped and bounced funny, ripped back. And I walked up there and it landed in into a pitch mark. So from there I ended up making bogey, which was unfortunate. But I mean, for a day like this, to walk away under par, I think I'm pretty still pretty pleased. I would have liked to have get it somewhere in the 60s.

Q. Spyglass is a tough track, though. Hole locations are tough. You got through it, now you're ready to go tomorrow, right?
JASON DAY: Yeah, I think that the greens were actually a lot firmer here. They had a little bit more bounce and the greens can be a little bit slippery, especially coming downhill. So I left myself above the hole a few times today and I, you really can't be aggressive and you're defense putting the whole day if you do that, and unfortunately, I left myself a few too many times above the hole. But I think, like you said, the pin locations were a little bit tougher, but I'm looking forward to getting in amongst the wind tomorrow at Pebble.

Q. And you'll have Pebble, an opportunity to get back in the winner's circle.
JASON DAY: Yeah, definitely. Nick seems like he's playing some really nice golf. Phil's coming off a really good stretch, especially coming from Saudi over here, it's a big trip I know, but he's coming off some good form and he seems like he's playing some good golf too. But we'll see how he finishes up, but I'm looking for it tomorrow.

Q. How special, family is here. Dash has grown up like crazy. But it's fun to see the family out here, right?
JASON DAY: Yeah, it is good to see. He doesn't really come out too much, but my wife said, Did you hear him at all out there because he can be a little bit loud. But he's, he did great. So I'm glad they came around.

Q. Are you pleased with the 2-under round out here at Spyglass?
JASON DAY: I think anywhere in the 60s was kind of ideal, especially with the conditions this morning. Couple of mental errors out there, making a few, couple of mistakes, which obviously, I would like to have back. But I think overall shooting 70, a couple under par moving forward, get myself in the mix tomorrow and try and work on that lead. I think if I can kind of chip away at it through the day. I know it's going to be a very difficult day tomorrow, especially with how the wind is forecasted. So with that being said, it's a Sunday at Pebble Beach in the cold and breezy conditions, you've obviously got to be mentally strong and be very committed to what kind of shot you're trying to hit.

Q. After kind of making everything yesterday, a little, maybe putts didn't fall as much today. Was it just the tricky greens here at Spyglass, a little slippery?
JASON DAY: Not really. I think it was more I missed more greens today and then I left myself above the hole. I think yesterday was one of those days where you kind of, you know, you're not expecting to hole that many feet, but obviously I'll take it. But today it wasn't as many opportunities as like as I had yesterday, so I think overall it was a pretty solid day. I just needed to leave myself below the hole so I could be a little more aggressive with the putts.

Q. What's the one thing you can kind of focus on tomorrow as you go out and try to get back in the winner's circle?
JASON DAY: Honestly, I think you just got to get here and see how the conditions are, make a plan that way. Obviously, you have your holes that you want to try and birdie. But just really try and focus on hitting good shots. I think Sunday's, you'd like to think that they're the same as a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but they're not. It's the last day and pressure is obviously building as the week progresses. And I think if I can just stay within myself and play, I just got to focus on giving every shot a hundred percent. If I can do that, hopefully I'm holding the trophy at the end of the day.

Q. If you wouldn't mind to reiterate, when did you go to less putting practice and a black head, a red head, maybe back to the black head? Could you go over that a little bit?
JASON DAY: Let me see, I went back to from the black putter, I had the black putter before Torrey Pines and then I finally went back to the red putter, so it's actually quite new. I feel good over the putt in regards to the way where I'm aiming. But obviously, it's been this year because I've just come off rehab, so the week before I really couldn't practice as much, but that's just going forward. So, you know, it's been like that for like at least two, three weeks where I haven't been able to practice as much.

Q. Does the red putter help you align better?
JASON DAY: It just, like the neck on the black putter is a little bit different to the neck on the red putter, so it sits slightly different and I think in my hands it feels a lot better that way. So I like the way that it's sitting right now and obviously I'm seeing my lines nicely.

Q. What part of your game needs to be the hottest tomorrow at Pebble Beach?
JASON DAY: I need to, obviously I need to hit more greens. I think my putting's decent and my short game's pretty good. I just need to hit a few more greens tomorrow. Now, granted it's going to be a little bit tougher tomorrow with the wind, but I think there is definitely more opportunities over there in wind like this just because of the par-5s are reachable and whatnot. But I think if I can hit more greens that would obviously be nice.

Q. You've been in contention a number of times here, especially going into Sunday. Do you feel like this time or this week feels any different than those other times or is it about the same?
JASON DAY: It's kind of about the same. I'm a lot more -- I've got a lot more gratitude being here, especially with the injuries and all that stuff, being able to come and play and kind of perform the way that I've wanted to, I'm a lot more thankful to obviously be here and play. So in that retrospect, I think I'm a lot more happier, and that hopefully yields better play tomorrow.

Q. Do you think because of that you may not be pressing as much?
JASON DAY: Well, yeah, I mean I think a lot of people would probably view it that I'm desperate for a good finish. I don't think I'm worrying about that, I just got to focus on just trying to do the best job I can tomorrow and if it happens, it happens and then if it doesn't, then I just build on it and go to the next tournament and try and build and build and build and sooner or later I'll have a boatload of confidence, I'll be able to hit my shots and sooner or later I'm going to win. And I honestly believe if I keep playing the way that I'm doing I will win, if not tomorrow, but soon.

Q. Are you excited about being in contention for the first time in a while?
JASON DAY: Yeah, it's exciting to be among it. Obviously there's going to be a few nerves out there, but I think Nick and Phil and everyone's going to have nerves. But once you get into it then you start to focus on what you need to do, so I think things are going to be fun tomorrow, I'm definitely looking forward to being back in the hunt.

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