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February 7, 2020

Harry Higgs

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Sort of made himself into a legend last week, you had a blast in Phoenix and now carrying that momentum over into this week maybe?
HARRY HIGGS: Sure, yeah. Certainly was, this is five in a row for me. I was not real sure how this week was going to go. But, you know, a lot of light practice throughout the week. And, yes, good play has carried over. For the legend stuff, I wouldn't go as far as to say that. It's amazing what you'll end up doing when people start chanting your name, for sure. Last week was a blast and I didn't even know I would have that much fun with it last week because there's just a lot going on. But, yeah, I absolutely had a great time last week. And obviously this week is almost the total opposite, beautiful views, very, very calm and I've enjoyed that for sure.

Q. But maybe your personality suits the pro-am environment.
HARRY HIGGS: Oh, well, yeah. We have got a great group too. I can certainly talk. So, yeah, I mean, even if they don't want to talk to me, I'll wind up talking all day. So, no, it's just been nice. It's a very calm. And after last week it's just the total opposite. It's just been kind of nice. I'm looking forward to going home and sitting on my couch for an extended period of days for sure.

Q. Do you feel that kind of pressure to play a lot in a row considering your a rookie out here?
HARRY HIGGS: Quite honestly, I don't know how to make a schedule. I don't know what to really do. Five in a row is more than I've ever done. But then again, things have been good so why not keep going and try to kind of manage your energy and your focus. And I thought did I a terrible job today of focusing, like, what I wanted the golf ball to do. Fortunately I shot a really good score anyway. That probably has something to do with the fact that I'm a little tired, I'm a little weary, so that will be addressed for the next few days for sure. But yeah, how are you supposed to say, like, they're giving away a ton of money and two free years and then you come here. How are you supposed to say no to these events?

Q. I don't know. I think you're doing the right thing.
HARRY HIGGS: Yeah, right? Yeah, I don't know how to say no either. I'll figure it out. It will come with hopefully a few more years' effort for sure.

Q. Yes. Practice will definitely help you out, out here. But get some rest to head into the weekend.
HARRY HIGGS: I will. There are a lot of good restaurants around. We'll probably eat a nice meal and I'll be dead asleep by probably 7 o'clock.

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