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February 6, 2020

Richy Werenski

Pebble Beach, California

Q. 5-under, 66 today at Monterey Peninsula. Excellent start. Can we get some comments on your play?
RICHY WERENSKI: You know, I played pretty solid today. I hit my irons really well. I putted, made some long putts, missed some short ones. It kind of evened out. But overall real solid. Didn't hit the driver that great, but they were kind of, the misses were straight, so they worked out. But coming off, like, a broken wrist a few months ago, so it's like there's been flashes of good golf, like, out in the desert was my first one back and then Torrey Pines after that. And so, like, there's been flashes and stuff, but it's just kind of, it's tough getting back into it and now I feel like, I feel a lot better this week. I just, on the range and practice rounds, I was like starting to feel like I was getting it back.

Q. Do you think the atmosphere here helps a little bit too, just in terms of the laid back with all the celebrities and amateurs?
RICHY WERENSKI: Yeah, yeah, I think it definitely does. I mean, it's fun. I mean, we're just kind of -- yeah, we're playing a tournament but it's cool. It's a different atmosphere and I think it's cool to switch it up a little bit. But, yeah, we're having a good time out there.

Q. Bogey-free is always good as well.
RICHY WERENSKI: Yeah, that was good. I was thinking about it on, like, on the back nine I was, like, I don't think I made a bogey yet. So that's always good out here. If we can just play smart and make some putts and just kind of keep it in front of us, we'll be all right.

Q. Talk a little bit about the conditions. Looked pretty perfect.
RICHY WERENSKI: Yeah, I mean the weather has been incredible all week and I think it's supposed to be the rest of the week. And the golf courses are, this is the best shape I've seen them in. Greens are firmer than the last few years -- we have had rain and stuff so they have been soft -- but it's absolutely perfect right now. So we're pretty lucky.

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