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February 6, 2020

Lanto Griffin

Pebble Beach, California

Q. (No microphone.)
LANTO GRIFFIN: I played well two weeks in Hawaii and I took a week off. And Torrey Pines and Waste Management last two weeks, I just didn't really have my game and struggled the last couple days. Yesterday was rough. And I talked to my mental coach and, Greg Cartin, and he just basically said quit trying so hard. So it was about a five-minute conversation yesterday and I was reeling, but just came out here, playing with Ben Macklemore and Charles, and they were awesome. So we had a really good group, we had a lot of fun. It was fun, it didn't really feel like a golf tournament. A couple holes we picked their balls up and we had to kind of think, We can't pick ours up.

So but, I'm really happy. Anything under par today would have been a surprise, and to shoot a 5-under, bogey-free round at Spyglass is a huge surprise and I'm pretty stoked.

Q. Does a tournament like this help when you're maybe in that mindset where things aren't going great but there's some other things you can think about and have a little laugh and some fun?
LANTO GRIFFIN: Yeah, just asking them questions -- it's cool seeing them -- obviously, they're incredible artists and they have a cult following, they're superstars. So being able to kind of rub shoulders and ask them questions about their life, it kind of takes your mind off of golf because usually we're playing with other guys on the PGA TOUR. And I think that helped me kind of calm down. You don't want to go out there and be miserable in a format like this. So I wanted to have fun this week and it probably took a little pressure off me, so. It was a blast playing with those guys.

Q. Macklemore seems to love the game of golf but that outfit?
LANTO GRIFFIN: Thrift shop, yeah. Macklemore is awesome. He's such a good dude. And he's only been playing for a year. And we played Tuesday at Pebble and it was, today he played way better today with the pressure. That first tee shot, he's only been playing golf for a year. If you can imagine teeing off at Spyglass with a bunch of people watching you and you make contact and it was impressive. I would guess in the next three, four, five years he'll be able to break 80 on a course like this. So we're going to try after the tournament maybe get him an instructor because he loves the game. He's addicted to it full time. So when he's on road trips at concerts all over the world he's playing golf before shows and after. So it's cool to see his love for the game and how addicted he is and he couldn't be a nicer guy, too, with all the fans and all the attention, and he's pretty funny too.

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