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January 27, 2020

Dominic Thiem

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

D. THIEM/G. Monfils

6-2, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. More than the match of today, I'd like to know, since you played ATP Cup, what do you think about ATP Cup and Davis Cup? I'm asking everyone. And also, the fact that because of ATP Cup you were No. 4 and then Medvedev became No. 4. What do you think about those ATP points? Is correct? Is normal? Is good that they are existing or not for that competition?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, I think it's completely fine that they are existing. It's a normal official tournament, and it was a great event. I enjoyed it.

I mean, Daniil, he won more matches than me there, and as it was a completely official ATP event, he deserved to get many points and to overtake me. So that's no problem at all. I think that's the way it should be, also.

I really loved the event. It was a great atmosphere. Was always especially for us tennis players, as we are most of the time alone, it's nice to play in this team atmosphere. So it was a great time there in Sydney. And, I mean, I wish we could have progressed to the quarterfinals, but, yeah, maybe sometimes in the next years.

Q. Both Nadal and Djokovic in different times say they should merge in just one event because they don't think Davis Cup by ITF and ATP Cup should be separate being five weeks, one from the other.
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, I mean, I haven't been at the Davis Cup, so I don't really know how it was there. But of course if there is going to be a fusion, and if there is going to be one great event, I don't know, organized by ITF and ATP, why not?

I think tennis definitely needs a team event, because it's great. Yeah, we'll see if it's one or two.

As I said before, I haven't been to Madrid for the Davis Cup, so I cannot say anything about it, how that was or anything, but I just can say ATP Cup was a great event. Everybody played well. Stadiums were packed. So that was a great one. We'll see what the future brings.

Q. It's been reported that you and Thomas Muster have ended your relationship, coaching partnership after only a few weeks. Wondering if you could explain what's happened there and if you have any response to his comment about wanting to work with you for a long time but the situation changing?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, well, nothing bad happened there. But we already said before we started the relationship that if it doesn't work out, we're gonna stop it, and that was the case.

I mean, I think it's always difficult, especially for me at the stage where I am, to find something perfect to add to my team. And I just had the feeling that it's not gonna work out together, and that's why we finished. So that's all. I think it's way more relaxed than everybody thinks.

Q. Can you just explain why you had that feeling?
DOMINIC THIEM: Well, I'm 26. I'm not the youngest anymore. So I really have to be careful with my career now. I have to take really the right decisions, and I'm also a little bit experienced already.

So, I mean, I cannot explain what feeling it was, but it was just there. So I decided to take that decision and to continue like I worked last year, because it worked out very well.

Q. So when you brought him in...
THE MODERATOR: Are there any questions on other subjects?

Q. You said you thought it was your best match of the week so far. Can you explain why you thought that?
DOMINIC THIEM: I mean, already yesterday practiced and today the warmup, I had a great feeling of the strokes. Was feeling physically very good, and also the way the match went with the early break in all three sets went almost everything in my direction.

I played a very, very good match today from the beginning to the end, and that's why, I mean, it's easy to say that it was by far the best from this Australian Open yet.

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