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February 1, 2020

Webb Simpson

Scottsdale, Arizona

WEBB SIMPSON: We figured with all the adjustments and everything, playing 180 yards, which is a perfect 7-iron for me and as soon as I hit it I knew I hit a good shot. I quit watching it because I can't see the green, I can't really see that well, to gauge how far it was from the hole. I was looking at the crowd and they got more excited and then their hands went up. And at first my first thought was, that couldn't have gone in. And then it dawned on me they were really excited so it was fun.

Q. That was your first ace on TOUR, is that right?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I've had two, so that was my third.

Q. To have it be there with a pretty good crowd at 12 behind it did that make it even cooler?
WEBB SIMPSON: It did. That hole has gotten louder and louder. That's kind of what 16 I feel like used to be a few years ago. So great environment out there, like I said, perfect number for me, I was just talking to Scott Piercy this morning about his hole-in-one yesterday on 7 so I think it was just in my mind, I guess.

Q. So you can just talk about a hole-in-one to someone else and it happens?
WEBB SIMPSON: I guess so. I'm not going to tell anybody about my hole-in-one. I don't want to help anybody else for tomorrow. But, yeah, it was cool how we were talking about it this morning and, yeah, I mean I think there's been a few this week.

Q. I think that's the third. Have you ever played another tournament where there's been three in three days?
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't remember, I don't remember one. And all three on different holes, I think.

Q. I think it might have been two on 7.

Q. How many is this for you?
WEBB SIMPSON: This? On TOUR three, it might be 10. Might be 10. I don't know. Which is sad, I'm sorry. Maybe nine. 10 sounds better than nine. We'll go with 10.

Q. Where you're at now, maybe it looks like probably a shot off being in that final group, what's your mindset going into tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: The golf course has gotten more firm every day, so it's going to be challenging tomorrow, but guys I think are still looking at it as plenty of birdie opportunities. This course is playing shorter so we're having shorter clubs in, even though the greens are more firm. But, yeah, I mean I didn't think today teeing it up that I was going to go try to shoot 6- or 7-under. As boring as it sounds, all I really focus on is the first shot and you try to attack when you can attack and then the tougher holes you try to make par. And then you get hot for two days like I have and shoot 15-under and give myself a chance and we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Low scores that everyone seems to be shooting right now do you have to still play pretty aggressive even from where you're at?
WEBB SIMPSON: I mean compartmentalize everything. So if I got a sand wedge in my hand I'm going to be going right at it. If I got an 8-iron or 7-iron a little more conservative. If I need to adjust on the last few holes, I will, but the last two days I let the birdies come to me and it's hard in this game when you try to force it. But there's plenty of birdie holes, like I said, so if I keep playing solid there's great opportunities for tomorrow.

Q. Does the amount of close calls you've had in recent months change anything about the pressure or expectation you put on yourself going into tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I mean I've, I learned from every tournament, good or bad. I know what I've done wrong in the past I guess year, year and a half. But also I've had a few seconds where guys have shot 8- or 9-under, so I understand like to win out here now is getting harder and so no matter who wins tomorrow they're going to have to shoot a special round. So I think for me just mentally being ready and not being surprised if I go shoot 4-, 5-, 6-under on the front and just kind of keep it going. So hopefully you need to get off to a good start Sunday to kind of stay in the mix and I plan on it.

Q. When you say you compartmentalize everything, what was 13 like after all the excitement of the hole-in-one?
WEBB SIMPSON: 13 was fun because that crowd's still big on 13 tee. I hit a great drive, really bad second shot, but, yeah, you ride the momentum for a little bit but it's back to work on the next hole, you got to keep focusing.

Q. Tony thought 20 might be the number tomorrow. Xander thought he was being a little conservative there. Do you have any idea where the number might be? Does that go into your head at all?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I mean I saw some of the pins, but it's hard to know. I mean it's -- you would think that guys were going to get 20 plus, but it could blow a little bit, I don't know what it's calling for, and it's still hard, there's low scores but it's still hard out there. So who knows.

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