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January 24, 2020

Dean Burmester

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Introductions first. Who is this?
DEAN BURMESTER: This is my boy Jordan. Say hi, Jordan. He's a bit shy. He's four and a half now.

Q. Before we talk about the golf I need to ask you about this car accident you had on Wednesday, obviously the family in the car, it was pretty nasty, the photograph you posted on Instagram, just tell just tell us about that.
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah it was pretty hectic. We went to the aquarium and on our way back we took an Uber on the way back to the hotel and there was traffic on the other side of a blind rise and our Uber driver was just too slow and so we went into the back of a Porsche. And then there were four cars involved, but luckily we just got away with a couple of bumps and bruises and just thank God that we're all okay.

Q. 7-under par for two rounds. What's been the strength of the game?
DEAN BURMESTER: I've putted nicely, I think for the most part I putted really well and I've just been consistent trying to hit fairways, because the rough's quite deep. So for me to hit fairways is pretty good. But, yeah, I think the major difference is probably my mental attitude towards it. After the car accident you realize what's important in life and I think I was taking golf a little too seriously, so I just kind of relaxed and looked at the family and we're kind of just enjoying our time, so that's been the biggest difference.

Q. The golf course, how different did it play today to yesterday?
DEAN BURMESTER: The wind's a bit different coming from a different direction, northeast I think it is. So it plays pretty tough. The greens are still firm and quick and if you're not in the fairway and in position it's going to be really tough to score this afternoon, because it felt like the wind was coming up the last three, four holes.

Q. Incredible second round. Cooler, calmer condition. How did you find it?
DEAN BURMESTER: Obviously a little less wind, but the course is still fiery, the greens are firm and there's a lot of rough out there, so you still got to play really well to get anything under par.

Q. You like these types of greens, obviously, you led the field in strokes gained on the greens yesterday.
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, I putted really nicely yesterday and I felt like I did the same today. Probably a couple could have gone in but in the most part I'm really happy. I changed a couple of things structurally and just the way I warm up and stuff, so it seems to be paying off.

Q. How are you feeling, how's the family? Obviously you had a nasty close call on Wednesday, looked like you had a car accident.
DEAN BURMESTER: Yeah, it was quite hectic. Four cars involved in the accident, our Uber driver drove straight into the back of a Porsche and then we ricocheted onto another car, but luckily we're all okay, we're just bruised and battered and a little bit sore. A slight ankle problem, but nothing too serious. And my wife's got quite bad whiplash, but other than that we're surviving and just happy to be here.

Q. How are you finding the course? Obviously a lot of changes this year, a course that you seem very happy with. Your best results have actually come in this part of the world.
DEAN BURMESTER: I don't know what it is about the Middle East, I obviously like it a lot and I think I just see the greens and the lines pretty well. So I'm just happy to kind of just be out here playing. And the new changes are all good. I think 9's a proper hole with that tee now. We haven't used it the first two days, but this weekend's going to be good fun off that back tee. And there are a couple of green changes on 6 and a couple other things. But on the whole it's amazing and they have done great job. I think the green keeping staff with the rough and everything have certainly taken the 5-under cut away.

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