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January 23, 2020

Padraig Harrington

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Just how good is 71, 1-under par, feel in those conditions?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Yeah I'm happy because I finished strong. I 4-putted second hole today, my 11th, so at that stage, I had thrown away a few shots. I did the same at the par 5, 13th. I took four shots from nowhere. I was feeling bad. But it really got windy on that last nine holes and I made a couple of really good up-and-downs. I'm pleased with the finish.

Q. Give us your opinion on the way the golf course is playing. Some players are coming in saying it's too firm to be this narrow and you can't get it on the fairway.
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: Well, I'm happy with my driving. It is tough to hit the fairways. But it's not playing long with the heat.

If you want to sort all the professional golfers out, just give us firm greens. The chip on the last hole, probably had 40 feet of green and all I'm worried about is chipping it in the water on the far side. Firm greens really sort us out and we find it difficult. If you do miss the fairways, coming into firm greens, it's very difficult. Firm, fast greens, I could see guys, if you get on the wrong side of things today, you would be moaning. If you're on the right side, you'd think this is the way golf should be.

Q. You've played this championship seven times before but not since 2004. Is it Ryder Cup Captaincy that's brought you back?
PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON: I'd normally play farmers in the States at this time of the year, but I want to be around the European players. And these are the big events on The European Tour; they always have been in the Middle East. As Ryder Cup Captain, I felt I should come.

I'm delighted to be here, as well. I think they are important events, but they are also some of our best events in Europe; the quality of the golf courses and the conditions, they are good events to play in for sure.

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