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January 20, 2020

Gaby Lopez

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. What makes this win so special today?
GABY LOPEZ: Today I was thinking thinking of my first win, and I dedicated my first win to my granddad that passed away a month before my first win. Yesterday I called my dad that I wanted to have my grandmom with him and my family this morning so she could see me dedicate this win to her.

Q. Was she watching TV?
GABY LOPEZ: She was watching the TV. I just FaceTimed them, and she was there, and I was like, my first win was for my granddad, and this one goes for you.

Q. What's her name?

Q. And what's your granddad's name?

Q. What did you hit here?
GABY LOPEZ: I hit a 3 hybrid.

Q. Was that what you were hitting yesterday, or did you have to change?
GABY LOPEZ: Yesterday was really funny. The last round, when I first made birdie, it was into the wind, so I had a perfect 3 hybrid. In the playoffs, it was coming downwind, so I had to switch to my 4 hybrid. I wasn't very sure if I needed a 3 hybrid or a 4 hybrid. I was switching all the time on those six holes that we were playing.

This morning, my coach, my caddie, and I were on the TrackMan, and we were looking at numbers because it's freezing right now. So we just took the number, and we knew it was downwind, but it was a perfect 3 hybrid.

Q. Saluting the grounds crew, is that something you got from Lorena? She used to do that all the time.
GABY LOPEZ: Yes, Lorena started this tradition, and I think that was the most important thing from her. She was No. 1 on the golf course, but she was so humble, and she was being able to take the time to sit down with all the gardeners, the Mexican gardeners that we don't get to see, and they're here since 4:00 in the morning, and they leave at 9:00 p.m.

I think they need more recognition than we actually give them.

Q. And wearing Mexico's colors on Sunday, winning in them today, just tell us about that.
GABY LOPEZ: Yes, since I'm a little kid, I got in love -- in golf, I got in love with representing Mexico outside of Mexico in the U.S. It was always team events, and we were always wearing red, white, and green. I don't know, it was something that comes with me since I'm a little kid. I'm extremely proud to represent Mexico, especially because we have now two Mexicans on the Tour. For a long time, it was Lorena only, and then it was Violeta Retamoza, and now it was only me. This year Maria came with me on Tour.

So I'm just hoping that it's not only us two. I'm really hoping that a good ten Mexican girls can jump in the LPGA, and we can all travel together and achieve our dreams together.

Q. You've played this hole seven times now, eight if we count the regulation. Are you glad that you're not seeing this hole anymore, or because you have half the birdies on this hole, it's not so bad?
GABY LOPEZ: No, I really like it. I have lots of respect for this golf course. It plays extremely difficult when it's windy and especially when it's cold. I don't know, I just feel like being able to feel comfortable here since last year. Last year I was playing great until the last nine holes. I came in fifth, and I ended up top ten, and it was my first top ten of the year. Those memories were positive to me.

To me this year, I've changed a lot of things on my swing. I've changed a lot of things on my stroke. I've changed a lot of things. To be honest, coming into this week, I had no idea if I was going to play well. I wasn't hitting the ball great in Mexico. It was funky. It was all over the place. I had discussions with my coach if I really needed a change on my swing, but I did because I went to the hospital to get a neck thing.

So, yeah, being able to kind of trust the process and trust in him and being able to believe in myself and in my team, my caddie, I mean, it just takes a team effort. My family in Mexico, they're a huge part of my team.

Q. To get up this early and the weather changing so drastically, how tough was it to get here and get on the range?
GABY LOPEZ: It was tough to sleep. I mean, yesterday it was calm. It was easy for me to play the six holes in the playoff, or five, but this -- I mean, last night was hard. I could not sleep. I was meditating. I was listening to music. I was trying to stay calm.

So as soon as the alarm hit the clock, I'm like, okay, let's go. Let's roll. I got here at 6:00 a.m., and I started my warmup like it was a normal day. I needed to get in the routine that I was going to play 18 holes. That was my mindset. I don't know how many it's going to take us to make a birdie here. I just asked Dan, I mean, are we going to move from the hole? It's hard to make birdie here. He said, no, we're sticking here. So I'm like okay.

So my goal was to hit the green every time I teed up. And I knew -- I knew one was going to drop because I've been hitting that putt every single time. I guess the seventh time's the charm.

Q. How did that compare to the putt you had on the last hole in regulation?
GABY LOPEZ: To the last putt?

Q. Yeah, you had the birdie on your final hole to get into the playoff. How were they compared?
Q. Different spots on the green, right?
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, different spots. I was above the hole on that one. That was actually -- when I had that putt, I used to talk with my coach in Arkansas that, if you ever have a putt you want to make, you want it to be downhill because you just need to hit the right line. I mean, you just hit it, and the slope is going to take all the work. So, yeah, as soon as I had the putt, I remember Shauna telling me, hey, we want this, we want this, embrace it.

I'm just happy to be able to pull off the shots under pressure that I needed to.

Q. How long was that putt in regulation? In the final hole, your final 72 holes.
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, that was 17 feet, downhill.

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