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January 19, 2020

Gaby Lopez

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. Talk about going into dark right there. What have you been feeling throughout this whole entire playoff process?
GABY LOPEZ: I feel that it's been just -- 25 holes or 24 holes today. I feel like my game kind of took throughout the day pretty nicely. I don't know, it's just really fun. I'm so happy to be here. You can't imagine how happy, how blessed I feel, how fortunate. I think this opportunity is exactly what I'm working for every single day of my life, and it's just an amazing feeling to be able to share this with past champions and being able to just recall to my first win. It's kind of a different experience, but I'm just happy to be able to kind of have a chance for tomorrow.

Q. When you finished your round for today and you realized you were tied for the lead potentially going into a playoff, what did you say to yourself to just kind of keep yourself calm and say, hey, I need to potentially play some more holes?
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, actually, it was on the 18, and the last hole of my final round. I told myself that I was prepared for any scenario. So either I had to do a playoff, or if I came second or third, I was mentally prepared for any scenario. I feel that that's the case, that I'm mentally prepared for whatever happens tomorrow is going to be fine.

Q. Now, when you were over there talking with everyone too, with your caddie as you keep going back and forth between these playoff holes, I mean, you said earlier this week that you and your caddie have a great relationship. What was he telling you to kind of calm yourself down and keep motivating you through this process?
GABY LOPEZ: You know, he said at one point, you've got to freakin' believe where you're at. You've got to freakin' believe the shots you're making under pressure. You've got to freakin' believe the player you've become throughout the years. Just kind of that gave me a little bit of energy to keep going forward and to get where I am right now.

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