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January 19, 2020

Mi Jung Hur

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. M.J., as we close right now, you're currently tied for the lead at an 8 under day. When did you realize things were going all the way right for you?
MI JUNG HUR: Maybe after the 9th, I was thinking about maybe I could go up to lead because we had so many birdie chances on pretty much every hole today. So maybe after the front nine.

Q. We were talking to your caddie, and we were saying your ball striking has been pretty well. Is that something ^ you've been working on going into this tournament, and what did you change over the past few rounds?
MI JUNG HUR: I didn't change anything, but I was working on my distance more, like what my irons and woods are carrying. I have to know the exact number for the carry. So I work on the range with the TrackMan, and it helped me a lot.

Q. Did you feel like you were playing today like you had nothing to lose out there?
MI JUNG HUR: Yes. Because I was out of the top ten after the third round, and I wasn't thinking about leading. I just wanted to do my best, and that's what I did today.

Q. What was it like, this entire experience for you, playing with celebrities? It's a fun way to just kick off the season. What was this whole experience like for you this weekend?
MI JUNG HUR: It was so much fun to play with them. It feels like playing serious Pro-Am, not like a serious tournament, and they're talking a lot for me, and they're making me comfortable during the round. It was very fun to play with those guys.

Q. Do you remember the last round you made ten birdies?

Q. What's the last time you made ten birdies?
MI JUNG HUR: I didn't think about that on the course, but now I know, yes, it was ten.

Q. Do you remember the last time you did that?
MI JUNG HUR: Last year at Kia.

Q. You had two 62s, right?
MI JUNG HUR: Yes, at Kia and Scottish.

Q. I know you like having -- you say you like to win in front of your family. Is anyone here from your family this weekend?
MI JUNG HUR: Just my hubby is here, and my older brother lives like 15 minutes from here, but they are not here to cheer me on because he's busy, unfortunately.

Q. How often do you get to see each other? He's in Korea, and you're in Texas, right?
MI JUNG HUR: You mean hubby?

Q. Yes.
MI JUNG HUR: He's trying to come more often for this year because I think he won six, seven tournaments last year.

Q. He plays professional golf?
MI JUNG HUR: No. He's an amateur. But he plays really good golf.

Q. Colt Ford said he's played a bunch of golf over the years. He said he'd never seen a round of golf like that in his life.
Q. How does that make you feel hearing that from one of your celebrity partners?
MI JUNG HUR: I'm so shy. I just do my best, and I'm glad he's saying that, as I'm the first one who's playing really good golf in his life. I hope I can show him more good golf for future.

Q. What are you going to do -- there's a while before Inbee and the morning leaders finish up. Where are you going to be? Just back to the range and hit balls?
MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, maybe some putts and driving on the range, hit some balls, like practice for 18. Hit a 4 hybrid over there. Just going to do 4 hybrid and some putts. That's it.

Q. Overall, how do you feel about the way you played today, M.J.?
MI JUNG HUR: I definitely love it, but I had two bogeys from the bunker. I think I'd better go practice more bunker shots.

Q. Did you have a favorite birdie today? What was your best birdie?
MI JUNG HUR: Oh, yeah, it was on No. 3. That was my first birdie for today, and it was par 3, hit a 6 iron, and it almost went in the hole. Yeah, it was a tap-in birdie.

Q. He was very impressed with your putting. Were you putting particularly well today, or was that just the norm?
MI JUNG HUR: My best game in the golf I can say is the putter, but last three days, I was struggling with this fast green, and I was struggling with the speed. Finally, I got the speed and the breaks today. So I had lots of good putts.

Q. What got you winning again? You went a few years without winning. What got you winning again?
MI JUNG HUR: I didn't get it.

Q. The stretch you had before you won at the Scottish, what was the jump start to the win, in your opinion?
MI JUNG HUR: I was really serious about golf game, like if I had a bad round, I put a lot of stress on it. I always play serious on the course, but after I got married, I just enjoy my golf game, and it's helping me a lot to play with more confidence and more comfortable. That's why I had a good year last year.

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