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January 18, 2020

Gaby Lopez

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Q. What a day out here, being able to leap up the leaderboard. What was the mindset heading into moving day today?
GABY LOPEZ: I think just sticking to my game, same thing as the last two days. It's been working pretty well. I've been hitting good shots and making some putts. Still got to stay patient, work out what's best for me, and keep attacking where I have to attack and keep playing smart when I have to.

Q. Like you said before, this is definitely something you love playing in and it's a totally different feel. Has this been marked on your calendar for some time?
GABY LOPEZ: For sure. If I had the opportunity to play this every year, I would love to. This is probably one of the most special tournaments we have, and being able to have Diamond Resorts and several sponsors being able to recognize the past champions of previous years just means a lot to the Tour, for us, and being able to share this with them is also very special.

Q. You said yesterday or a couple days ago that last year you were kind of impatient for results, and now here you are, you clawed your way back up the leaderboard. When does that impatience -- what do you do to fight that impatience and just take it hole by hole?
GABY LOPEZ: Last year I wanted very badly to get the score very quickly, but I guess this year I know that it's a very long season. I know I'm going to play less tournaments than I have previously in the past, and know that my game is right on this part where I wanted to go, to be, and keep working on it because I thought that I had a short off-season and I still have a lot to work on. But I'm happy with what I've worked on. It's kind of given me results, and I've got to keep working.

Q. What are some of your goals for the rest of this 2020 season?
GABY LOPEZ: Just kind of take care of Gaby. I think that's the main thing. Being able to do all the things that I used to do when I was a rookie and kind of focus just on me and my health and what I have to do every day to get where I want to be, and enjoy the golf course. Be happy on the golf course, I think. That's when I play my best, when I'm happy on the golf course.

Q. You'll be a defending champion this year at Blue Bay, Olympics on the horizon. What will it take for you -- what are some of the things you've been working on in the off-season and that you've seen come to fruition during this tournament?
GABY LOPEZ: I've been working a lot on my speed control. I think this week it's been on. Just getting to adjust quicker to the grass, quicker to the conditions we're playing every week, and giving myself as many chances as in contention as I can be. I know the more in contention you are, the more comfortable, the more experience. I feel that I've progressed a lot mentally and emotionally in that way.

I used to feel very nervous during the round, and now I can catch myself being more calm and just kind of breathing when I need to breathe. I think I've got to just keep working on that emotional part as much as the technical part.

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